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Curiosity and eagerness is good when it leads to learning and exploration. It is said, those who are curios are often intelligent and knowledgeable people but when it comes to the issues of life, it's okay not to know everything or have the answers you desperately seek.

Life is not always easy no matter how beautiful and grandiose your dreams may look. Get to a certain age, the zenith of your career, a certain social status or the highest of degrees educationally, you still won't know everything or find the answers to every question about your life. Not everything even changes to our desired end with prayers and it is okay not to know.

There are so many unknowns in life and so many uncertainties in the world especially of future outcomes - our dreams and desires - in life. Even in the frustration of not being able to know the answers to your questions, not knowing is part of life's beautiful journey.

If we were to know it all, we won't appreciate the awesomeness of God, we won't value the little surprises of our significant other, we won't enjoy the laughters of our loved ones and the moments we share with them.

Life itself would become methodological and boring without challenges, surprises, the little excitements here and there and the joy and adventure of pushing through hard times.

It may take a little while to get to where we desire to be but with courage, we can keep moving on irrespective of the uncertainties and while we move on without knowing the answers, we can enjoy the journey and trust the process

It's okay if you can't see the end of the journey, it's okay not to know whether it will be successful, fruitful and worthwhile keeping on with this journey.

While we may not to know the answers to the questions about life, we can also always learn to take life as it comes, learn to smile even when we do not know the answers to difficult situations but what you can consistently do is have faith and trust God to bring you to a glorious end. 

Be courageous to face each day as it comes. Each new day comes with it's purpose to be achieved, it presents to us the opportunity to keep fighting the good fight of faith as we press on.

It does not matter how many mistakes made, failures experienced or how many times you fall just because you did not know. The beauty of not knowing is that you learn from all these and keep moving. 

Don't stay stuck because you do not know. Keep moving and keep chasing your dreams with each new day you experience. Keep learning and keep growing.

There will be times you will feel so far away from where you want to be and you may not if you will ever get there or how you will even get there, it's okay not know. Keep moving and keep doing it afraid despite the uncertainties.

The vulnerability and the unpreparedness of not knowing what is to come, is what allows you to grow in strength and wisdom  for the unknowns ahead.

Quote for the day - Even the wise do not know all ends. " Gandalf The Grey 

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