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It's that time of the year where some of us begin to get anxious and apprehensive about the things we had hoped to achieve, become or do but unable to as the year gradually comes to an end.

If you are in this category, you are not alone. I am one and there are so many of us here. I had set some goals to achieve within the year or before the year runs out. Some achieved and some yet to be achieved.

The truth is, its never an easy task to stay tuned to the goals set. There would be setbacks, obstacles, hurdles, difficulties and challenges.

Not to talk about the challenges posed by the economy making it difficult to achieve certain things.

People could also pose as threats, discouragements, critics, mockers and so on just to talk you out of it, discourage you and make you see reasons why you should quit.

Sometimes, its the many voices in our heads trying to confuse or discourage us and other times, we tend to give up because of the excuses made by people not to be there for us as promised.

Due to all these, some people gave up on their goals and dreams. Some gave up due to failures experienced and mistakes made while others gave up even before they tried due to fears of failing, criticism or mockeries.

But it takes courage, boldness consistency, determination, perseverance, endurance and patience to keep on keeping on. 

If you haven't given up on your goals and dreams yet, keep on keeping on. Every step you take daily in the realization of your dreams brings you closer to your dreams

To keep on keeping on simply means to persevere even in the face of difficulties or challenges. To succeed in our various endeavors or crafts, perseverance and consistency are key.

You are not defined by your failures, mistakes, criticisms, opinions or validation of people around you. Neither are you defined by the circumstance you find yourself in so you've got to keep on keeping on.

Too keep on keeping on, all you need to do is to set your eyes on the prize and not the challenges and that should be your motivation.

One thing that kept Paul going despite the many challenges such as shipwreck, being stoned, rejected, imprisoned and snake bite and so on was because his eyes were on the prize and not the too many challenges faced.

No wonder he said in Philippians 3:14 "I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

What's the goal you have set to win the prize? Keep on keeping on at it. If you are consistent in your daily routine towards the realization of your goals and dreams, you get a constant vision of seeing yourself reaching the finish line and claiming the prize.

Challenges will come, you will experience difficulties and there would be naysayers because these things happen to us all but doesn't mean you give up on your dreams.

These challenges make us stronger than we think. or know. They in most case clear the paths or pave the way for us to follow but may not seem like it at first.

Life happens to us all but doesn't mean we give up on life. Life is too beautiful and living a beautiful life includes the challenges we face, the goals and dreams we pursue. These things make life worth living.


1. BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS : God gave us all dreams to pursue which in turn become our purpose in life.

To live this dream and purpose, we've got to believe in our dreams and pursue them. Until you believe in your dream, you won't find it worth pursuing.

You truly do not need people's validation or opinion to keep pursuing your dreams. Be first your own motivation before any one tries to motivate you.

No doubt, we all need some form of encouragement and motivation sometimes from people but we don't need to depend or rely on them but on God solely to keep on keeping on.

Sometimes, you would feel like you are alone pursuing your dreams but you've got to keep on keeping on. I feel alone most times and enjoy working alone these most times. 

Though there are times I wished I was working with one or two persons but guess what? There is time for everything.

God always knows how to bring the right people our way at the right time. So hang on and keep on keeping on.

2. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR DREAM : There may be many distractions, challenges and hurdles to cross as you pursue your dreams but let your eyes be on the prize and not the challenges.

Focusing on the prize will give you the courage to forge on but focusing on the challenge(s) can discourage you from going on.

Keep your faith strong and alive believing you can do this despite the challenges that will come your way. 

A vital ingredient needed to succeed in life is faith. So, its paramount you exercise your faith in the pursuit of your dreams. This will enable you stay focused on your dreams.

3. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF : The first thing not to do is doubt the possibility of having that dream come true. 

Believe in your strength, ability, talent and God given ideas to succeed in living your dreams. People may want to discourage you, the devil may want to instill fear in you but you have the will power to keep on keeping on. 

4. BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION : First of all, you've got to be your own motivation before anyone else does that for you.

People won't always be there to encourage you or motivate you to succeed so you must first encourage yourself and be your own motivation so you can keep on keeping on.

When David faced threats of being stoned, he encouraged himself in God (1 Samuel 30:6). There are times you would find yourself alone or standing alone, you will need nothing more but to encourage yourself in God believing He is with you through it all.

Reflecting on how far God has brought you thus far is a great way to stay encouraged and keep on keeping on even when no one is there to encourage you.

5. DEVELOP POSITIVE MANTRAS FOR YOURSELF : Mantras are short words or phrases that help you stay motivated and focused at the moment, on a goal or Prize.

Such words or phrases include;

  • I will be intentional about my goals.
  • I am focused and determined
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)
  • Never say never.
  • All things work together for good (Romans 8:28).
  • I will never know until I try
These and many more are some mantras you can develop for yourself to help you stay motivated and focused. You can create yours.

Life sometimes get us down, but know that we all go through difficulties and hardships that we must get through and become successful in the pursuit of our dreams.

Quote for the day - "When the going is hardest, just keep on keeping on, and you will get there sooner than someone who finds the going easy."

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