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I may have been giving motivational quotes to you and writing inspirational or motivational articles to you through my blog posts telling you how you can pull through every difficult moment or challenge.

But trust me, it isn't easy when some of my preaching, sayings and quotes stare me in the face from the opposite direction.

Such moments even try to create doubts in me. I could get so down that I begin to doubt even the words I preach to others.

The world I paint through my posts can come crashing or crumbling on me like let 'me see what you are going to do now.'

Sometimes, it is the mistakes I have made, the failures experienced and messing up big time in certain areas that try to weigh me down making me feel vulnerable.

When I go through these moments, those close to me will definitely know how I feel or what is happening around me but inside of me is the still small voice saying stay strong, everything will be alright.

We all have such moments in our lives were we become vulnerable and weak but unfortunately, we sometimes want to act all tough, pushing through the pain and act like all is well when deep down things aren't really as we portray them to be.

We give this false smiles because we want to be strong and show the world how beautiful and perfect our lives are simply because we want to avoid people talking about our weaknesses or about how our world is falling apart. I have been there and am sure most of us have been there too.

Don't be scared to show your vulnerability, don't be scared when it feels like you are weak and people around you can see it. It's part of our emotions. It is what makes us human displaying how beautiful we are in and out.

Jesus Christ, the saviour of mankind showed his vulnerability before his crucifixion on the cross when He prayed "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: Nevertheless not my will, but thine be done." - Matthew 26:39

Jesus knew this day would come. Even though he was prepared mentally or spiritually for it, he knew the pain was going to be more physical than spiritual.

He could feel the agony, suffering and the pain he would go through so He became weak and vulnerable that He asked God to let this cup (suffering and pain) be removed from him but above all, let the will of God be done in his life - knowing this too shall pass and he would fulfill God's purpose in His life.

It is not everything you can go through all by yourself and you don't need to be strong all by yourself. Don't be scared to voice out how you feel or feel embarrassed to seek help when you truly need it.

Bottling up your emotions during weak moments can weary your soul, dry up your bones from the inside-out and then lead to anxiety and depression. Trying to be strong all by yourself  can be physically, mentally and even spiritually exhausting. 

One major way to overcome these moments is not to live in denial but to admit and accept your weakness and vulnerability at the time, acknowledge the situation and your emotions.

Don't try to skip the process but allow yourself go through it for in it are vital lessons to be gained, strength and character developed.

But when you skip the process, you will never mature in knowing how to handle the next challenge that may stare you in the face in the nearest future because for as long as we are alive and breathing, challenges will always come at every stage of our lives.

God wants us to come to him not as perfect beings but just as we are in our weaknesses and vulnerability. He is not after the perfect but those who boldly come to him just as they are.

When we come to God in our weak and vulnerable moments, He strengthens us from the inside, giving us hope and making us see a brighter future so we can pull through the moment.

It's okay to fail, its okay to make mistakes, its okay to mess up, its okay to have weak moments and it's okay to be vulnerable.

What is not okay is living in denial about how you feel. Seek help from God and from people around you. 

It is when you are at your weakest moments that you get to know the kind of people around you - those who respect your feelings, who would be there for you at such times and not judge, condemn or ignore you for being weak and vulnerable.

It takes genuity, true strength and character to be vulnerable and then open up about the things that make you uncomfortable, how you feel about them and the situation.

Don't get intimidated about the reactions of people concerning how you feel about a thing. It is through our weaknesses that we become strong again.

Be patient with yourself and how you feel. Don't judge your emotions, just breathe and let them run their natural course.

Once you let your feelings flow, you will have freedom and gain the courage to confront difficult situations presently or in the future with peace and clarity.

Quote for the day - "Learn to let vulnerability inspire you and not frighten you. What makes you vulnerable makes you human and that is a beautiful thing."

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