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Life is full of ups and downs and it will always throw at us battles we never chose. Such battles can leave us feeling defeated.

They can make you feel like you are not good enough, too poor, like things can never get right, like its impossible to achieve your set goals and dreams preventing us from seeing a brighter and better future.

These battles or challenges can come to us through our friends, colleagues, bosses, setbacks in our career paths, personal lives and dreams meant to be pursued and achieved, leaving us emotionally, physically, psychological and even spiritually drained.

Life is not easy but every day we get to see and live through gives us the opportunity to rise to the occasion. It is not about what happens to us but how we react to the events of our lives that is of utmost importance.

These challenges or battles can sometimes throw us off balance but it takes courage to regain your balance and sanity.

Every stage of our lives will bring with it new challenges attached with vital lessons but it's our decision to grow with these challenges and the lessons that come with them or we just go through them letting life pass us by.

The circumstances of life have the power to either make or mar us. They can serve as motivation or demoralize us but if we are willing to learn its vital lessons then we would grow through it and become better persons in life.

You either let these unpleasant moments make or mar you. The choice is yours to make and you have the power to decide which takes control over your life.

The truth is that, the battles we face or the circumstances we find ourselves in do not define who we are but they definitely influence our character for good or bad based on our perception and reaction to the situation.  

Every challenge, delay or obstacles faced in life are a necessary part of the path we are on at the moment in our life's journeys as individuals and are there to refine us into better persons.

Life is made meaningful and interesting with challenges faced yet we have no control over them as they come to us, what we have control over is how we manage these challenges or let them manage us.

When you become frustrated, losing sight of your purpose, sitting and doing nothing or taking wrong decisions just to relieve yourself of the stress and frustration then you are letting the challenge take control of you.

But when you stay focused even in the midst of every challenge, actively and positively thinking of a way out, engaging yourself in thoughts of gratitude and thanksgiving to God irrespective of the situation, then you are taking control of the situation.

You never know what's in you or what you can do till you are put under pressure but it depends on your character while under pressure. You are not a finished product. God is still working in you. 

Gratitude and thanksgiving gives you a sense of hope, renews your faith and builds your confidence in seeing a better way out of every challenge. 

Though unpleasant to experience, challenges are as important as the air we breathe in and a necessary tool for our advancement, growth, achievement and success in life.

You can decide to let the challenge overwhelm you or you can decide to rise above the challenge, grow through the challenge, rise from the pain and then cherish the life you live.

There is no reward to a life without challenges because you will never appreciate what you get out of life or life itself. You face challenges because God has great things for you in your future

The best we can do is not to let life pass us by just like that but to learn through every situation experienced good or bad so we grow through every challenge.

When you learn to grow through life, you will be able to face and overcome challenges. Deciding to grow through life and not just let it pass you by enables you to live a purpose driven life, a life full of worth to be cherished and remembered even for generations to come. 

Growing through life, gives you a winning attitude in any circumstance or challenge. You find gratitude even in the midst of setbacks or obstacles celebrating your little wins.

Your attitude towards life especially in difficult moments will play a major role on whether life consumes you or teaches you some lessons and this is that point where you learn to develop your character.

Attitude is key in very difficult moments. How you approach such moments will determine how you come out from them.

While there are those who would take the wrong path and make it seem like the right thing to do, you can decide to take the right path doing what is right.

It's in trying times that character is tested and developed. You can choose to remain positive or negative at such times. If you think defeat you would be defeated but when you think victory, then you would overcome.

Our predominant thoughts determine what happens to us and they eventually become who we are. So, we need to work on our thinking pattern especially in challenging times.

Life's battles will teach you humility, self control, discipline, patience, help grow your faith, give you hope which will in-turn prepare you for success, victories, achievement and fulfillment of dreams.

Your actions and decisions at such times will always determine your outcome. It's very easy to act all good, loving and compassionate when things seem to be going fine but it becomes a different ball game when faced with adversities.

Character can't be faked for long. The best you can do is to choose to do the right thing despite the odds. Your decisions and actions at such times that would form your character. 

Grow through life developing yourself, adding value to your life and impact people's lives. Don't just let life pass you by with nothing to live for. 

Quote for the day - " The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy." -  Martin Luther king Jr

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