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It is said that 80% of success in life is showing up. Showing up everyday trying to achieve your set goals is what leads to success in life. It is what enables us to reach our full potentials.

As simple as this may sound in the ears, it's also one of the the hardest things to do especially when you are just beginning a craft. Even those who have been long in their crafts also find moments of difficulties showing up.

Showing up simply means being present and taking actions - committedly and consistently - concerning your crafts, goals, dreams or aspirations without which it would be difficult to reach your full potentials.

Showing up everyday is staying committed to become a better version of yourself. It is constantly pushing and pressing forward to get better every year. It is consistently improving yourself in your craft irrespective of the odds or challenges faced. 

There are moments we get bombarded with feelings of inadequacies - not knowing what to do, how to go about what we ought to do or incapable of doing what we ought to do - holding us back from pressing on or showing up.

Other times, it is not seeing the results of our efforts no matter how hard we try that discourages us from showing up everyday.

It is not easy keeping up with the consistency of becoming a better version of ourselves through the goals we may have set for ourselves this year but doing our best showing up everyday despite all odds leaves us better than we were the previous year(s). 

The more I show up to write on this blog, the better I become at writing. The more I show up on speaking gigs even when I am scared of failing or feel nervous about it, the better I become at mastering my craft. The more I read everyday, the better I become and the more knowledge and wisdom I gain.

But showing up everyday hasn't been quite easy. There are days the body won't just feel like it, there are days the mind goes blank on what to do, there are days distractions come up from different corners and there days one gets tired keeping up with the schedule or to do list but showing up amidst all these gives us infinite results and good feelings at the end.

What does showing up mean for you? What are your dreams, goals and aspirations for the year or what do you intend to achieve before the year runs out? Showing up 80% of the time will bring you to success or the accomplishment of your goals.

The situations or circumstances we may find ourselves in may not be encouraging especially with the harsh economy, but showing up despite the odds will enrich our lives for good.

There are days I do not feel like showing up to do the things I do listed above but the goal in sight will always spur me into action. Giving 1% of my day every day to my crafts gives me the drive to keep pushing forward and brings me closer to the realization of my dreams. 

Let's look at it this way, your job may be fulfilling for you because you find joy doing it so as a result, you get excited showing up. On the other hand, the job may not be exactly what you want but you show up anyways because it helps pay your bills. Whichever way or angle you look at it from, each day you show, there is an improvement in an area of your life if not entirely. 

We are not perfect beings, neither are we where we ought to or want to be but a constant work in progress. We keep moving towards perfection to have a better life and be the best versions of ourselves. The more we show up, the better we become. The more we show up, the closer we get to our desired success or end.


Having the ability to show up when necessary even when we don't feel like it, empowers us and gives us infinite rewards.

  • When we constantly show up, we gain power over setbacks. The more we experience setbacks, the more we see them as building blocks to success which enables us to overcome these setbacks or roadblocks easily. Instead of letting these setbacks weigh us down, we rather use them for a great comeback
  • Showing up regularly gives you the opportunity to create or form new habits. For example, for me to keep writing and improve my writing skills, I also need to form the habit of reading daily to inspire and motivate me into writing. The advantage of reading to my writing is improved vocabulary, ideas, inspiration and motivation.
  • Showing up daily also enables you identify your true self. Your true self lies in your resilience to keep pushing through despite the odds. Your true self lies in your ability to be patient even when it seems like all your efforts do not yield results irrespective of what you do. Your true self lies in you being able to beat immediate gratification. Showing up every day makes you realize your strengths and weaknesses as well. It shows how unique you are and how you can adapt to situations.
  • The more you show up, the more fulfilled you become even in the small steps you take. You may not reach your desired goals immediately, but the success of the little steps you take give you a sense of fulfillment and motivation to keep going on so learn to celebrate every little step you take. 


The beauty of showing up daily is that we constantly see areas we need to improve on in our lives and this takes us through series of training - patience, hope, faith, consistency, discipline, delayed gratification. 

We never fully arrive at a destination. When one goal is achieved, we see the need to pursue another one. Life is a journey, therefore we must enjoy the journey life takes us through.

We are a constant work in progress so we do not strive for perfection but progress in every area of our lives - health, finances, relationships, jobs, education - as long as we keep showing up.

Whenever you take a step showing up towards the realization of your dreams, the less daunting the rest of the journey becomes so do your best to keep showing up. Make showing up your life's habit to have a fulfilling life.

Quote for the day - Success is not just about talent, it's about showing up consistently

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