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Living life to the fullest may differ from one person to another. For some, it is touching lives, some have it as traveling around the world, eating good foods and having the best of drinks while for others it is raising a family. There are people who also have it different from the aforementioned.

In all these, the most important thing is finding meaning or a purpose in  everything you do and making the most of your time - living a fulfilling and exciting life.

When life is lived to the fullest, irrespective of our social or financial status, we feel fulfilled, prosperous, contented, thriving, happy, satisfied, flourishing, blooming and blossoming. Living life to the fullest is associated with overall and greater well being. When life is lived to the fullest, we become excited and motivated to look forward to the next day irrespective of our the present day panned out for us.

But to achieve all the good feelings stated above, we must put in the work. Living life to the fullest each day takes time, work and dedication. 

The opposite of living life to the fullest is always feeling dissatisfied in the things we do, lack of contentment in the things we have, feeling unworthy of ourselves and who we truly are, sometimes it is not feeling so sure of who we are and what we can do as individuals expressing our full potentials.

We all want to live happy lives but achieving this isn't always easy as there will be good and bad days but the most important thing making the best of each day whether it is turned out good or bad. 

While we do not have control over the bad things that happen to us, we definitely can control our reactions and attitudes towards the bad things that happen to us and in the process create our best life living life to the fullest. Our life's experiences is ours to create.

                                    HOW TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST

1. LIVE EVERYDAY WITH A FRESH START : Leave the worries, the mistakes, the failures, hurts and all that happened the previous day, week, month or year in the past and start afresh in your present day with a positive attitude believing that every negative thing that happened in the past can not weigh you down in your present. Believe that, the goals you did not achieve the previous day and the new goals set today can be achieved today. Face the new with courage, boldness, faith and confidence. Staying in the past is passing away with the past.

2. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME : Your most valuable asset in life I believe is your time. Time wasted can not be regained. We have all been given 24 hours in a day but the difference in our individual lives is what we do with the time given to us. To live the best of each day to the fullest is the use of our time wisely. Use your time to live life to the fullest each day by doing the things that make you happy, things that give you joy and make you feel fulfilled.

3. MAKE/CREATE IMPACTS : Don't leave this earth without touching lives positively. I believe this is the best and greatest way to live each day and life entirely to the fullest. Touch lives positively even in the littlest ways such as making people smile, lending a helping hand, giving your time, talent, kills, knowledge, words of encouragement, material and financial resources,.

4. FIND YOUR PURPOSE : Find your purpose in life and live this purpose. Everyone of us have our reasons for existence. We all have our unique purposes to fulfil here on earth. Identifying and living your purpose on earth is what makes life meaningful and fulfilling. According to the late Myles Munroe “the greatest discovery in life is the discovery of self. Until you find yourself, you will always be someone else.” To find yourself and know who you truly are is the discovery of your purpose on earth-the reason why you were created. A life without purpose is a life with no direction and how can you make the best of each day without having a purpose?

5. SET GOALS : To make the best and most of each day, set daily goals. These goals will give your day direction and your time focus. A day without goals is a day wasted. Set clear and achievable goals. 

6. TAKE ACTION : We all have dreams we want to achieve or desired lifestyle we want to live but just dreaming and wishing will not bring us to our dream life except we take some actions to realize our dreams. That is why it is important to set goals daily as well take actions on these goals that will gradually take you to the bigger picture. Don't go a day without a set of goals and don't go a day without taking actions on your goals. Even if it's baby steps, always do something worthwhile.

7. READ DAILY : They say knowledge is power which is aimed at promoting education and self development and knowledge can only be gained gained through this medium - education and self development. Don't just read but read to understand. If you gained just one thing while reading then you have made the most of that day. The number of pages is not what counts but the knowledge and understanding gained. Read daily

9. BE YOUR TRUE SELF : In all you do, ensure to be yourself and not someone else. We are often tempted to be like others or try to live someone else's life because we feel they have better life styles. This is why it is essential to identify and live your purpose so that your focus will only be how to achieve your goals and purpose in life. Be comfortable with who you are.

10. LET GO : Let go of every negativity such as hatred, hurts, bitterness and unforgiveness. These will hold you down, drag you backward and prevent you from living each day to the fullest. 

DEVELOP A HEART OF GRATITUDE : One of the best ways to live life to the fullest is developing a heart of gratitude. This brings joy, happiness, contentment positivity and a calmer life. Be grateful for everything you have  - the gift of life, sound health, sound appetite, your job or business, family, good friends. There is always something to be grateful to God and to man about even when it does not seem so but if we look inward and deeply, we will see reasons to. 

11. EXERCISE DAILY :  The most important thing you can do for your health according to Harvard Health is exercising daily. Exercising daily boosts your mental, physical and emotional health. It boosts your mood, improves your sleep and and helps with your appetite. It also reduces frequent hospital visits by reducing the risks of diseases such as heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and other illnesses.

12. HAVE A DAILY ROUTINE : Every point listed above can form your daily routine but to add to your daily routine is waking up early which gives you an advantage over the day's activity. When you wake up early, you are able to pray/meditate, read, exercise and get set on time for the day's activities. Other daily routines include, ensuring to hydrate well enough, journalling and going to bed early to enhance having enough sleep and the ability to wake up early the next day.

13. DON'T PUT YOUR LIFE ON HOLD : Refuse to put yupu life on hold just because an aspect of your life is not going as expected or because a dream is yet to be achieved. We all do not have just a dream but several dreams which we take one at a time and step by step. if one area of your life is not working as expected, face other areas of life while you wait for the fulfillment of the other dream.

What your life finally turns out to be at the end of this life's journey is what you create out of it day after day with your thoughts and actions. Ensure to make the best of it by living each day to the fullest making the most of your time.

Below is a book to help you live each day to the fullest having a fulfilled life at the end of this life's journey.

 The Beauty and PowerOF APurposefulLife

 The Beauty and PowerOF APurposefulLife

Quote for the day - "You only have one life to live, make sure you make it count." - Rhoda Amapakabo

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