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We live in a world filled with so much chaos, disaster, mishaps, stress, pressure, misfortune and so on while media houses on daily basis report the ills of society leaving us perplexed with anxiety, worries and fears.

The young ones (our youths) are filled with fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, failure and fear of tomorrow leading so many youths into making wrong choices in career, association, marriage, and so on. Some end up getting involved in social vices as they tend to want to measure up with their peers and to live a fast life in a fast growing world.

No doubt, such times will come at one point in our lives as we live in a society filled with anxiety - causing situations. People, especially the youths want to live on the fast lane of life lacking patience to live life one day at a time. If it was possible for such people to manipulate God into bringing their heart's  desires to pass as soon as possible, they would do it.
For such people, God is too slow to bring things to pass in a fast growing world forgetting God makes all things beautiful in His time ( Ecclesiastic 3:11).

The lack of patience has led many into unbelievable vices. Some are involved in fetish things. Young handsome guys are involved in rituals, cultism, armed robbery and other vices just to make it fast in life and also feel among while we have beautiful ladies involved in prostitution, sugar daddirsm😃 and other vices just to live on the fast lane of life.

All anxiety does is to rub you of your joy each passing day, give you sleepless nights and then belittle your faith  and belief in God. It takes your sleep and rest away. It makes you angry, murmur and most likely aggressive most of the time.

What do we do when we find ourselves in a perplexed situation that stresses us?

We look to God's word and His promises. He said " be anxious for nothing but in everything, by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God". Phil. 4:6.
Why worry over a thing you have no control and can do nothing about?
Rather than stress about it, the best and safest option is praying and handing it all to God as well as thanking Him for everything.

Be grateful to God for the gift of life and where you are in life at the moment. The fact that you are still alive gives you hope of overcoming every day.
be also grateful to man. God places people in our lives to bless us one way or the other and for every one who has blessed you in one way or the other, it behoves you to be grateful to them. Gratitude to God and man opens more doors of blessings and leaves no room for complaints.

Seize that very moment, making it a precious and memorable one. You have just but this moment you are sure of to live. If its a challenging moment you find yourself in that seems to overwhelm you, be still and approach it with a calm positive mind. Facing and accepting the reality of the moment enables you cope better and prepares you for the future ahead.

See challenging times as a period of training after which you come out well refined and beautiful like a gold gone through the fire and out. Like they say " big things come in little packages " and "every journey starts with a step".

Learn to live life to the fullest every day as each day comes. Live life everyday like its your last and enjoy every bit of what life offers you each passing day. Do not let your thoughts dwell in the past neither let them race to the future.

Most anxieties or worries we have, if thoroughly checked are either regrets from the past or fear of the future. Most of us have been shaped in the present by the negative past we have had. We dwell mostly in the past and live the present as a result of the past experiences. We have been so preoccupied with negative thoughts that these negative thoughts have become part of us and control how we live the present.
When we fail to control the negative thoughts that creep in as a result of the past, anxiety and fears of how to face the future creeps in. Our future lives become same as the present when we keep dwelling in the past. To overcome this in order to have a memorable present and a pleasant future is snapping out of the negative thoughts of the past. Realize you can't go back in time to change the past. If we could all turn back the hands of time, we would all erase every negative past but since we can't, the best we can do is live life fully in the moment and be optimistic of the future.

Love the life you live. Love yourself and everything that makes you who you are. You are unique and one of a kind. Believe that each challenge life throws at you each day is a stepping stone to your greatness.

Take things one day at a time and stop worrying about the past and what the future holds for you. You can't change the past and you really do not know what tomorrow might throw your way but you can decide how you live your life today.
"Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own". Mathew 6:34.

Note: your past might be terrible and your present situation could even be worse with no hope insight. Do not loose faith. Believe nothing remains the same and no negative situation lasts forever. Every day brings with it a fresh start with new happenings giving us hopes of a better tomorrow.  Each day presents to you an opportunity to be stronger and do better. Remain calm, be positive and anticipate a brighter and better tomorrow.

Quote for the day - "Yesterday is gone.            Tomorrow has not yet come.
We have only today so let us begin". - Mother Theresa

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