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A dream is a mental picture of what you want in life, what you want to become, where you want to be or what you want to have in the nearest or distant future. It is that invisible picture within you which defines you. Heaven and earth and all that is there in including you and I were dreams God had and saw them to fulfillment. The coming of Jesus for the redemption of mankind after the fall of Adam was also a dream God had and was fulfilled. So it is allowed to have dreams if our God was a dreamer. You can't have set goals if you don't have dreams. Paraphrasing, God said to Abraham in Genesis 13:14-15 that Abraham should lift up his eyes and He (God) will give Abraham whatsoever land his eyes see. God was simply asking Abraham to have a dream. Joseph also had a dream which he held on to and it came to pass. We can't go on living our lives without dreams heading to no destination at all. A life without dreams will simply accept what ever comes its way. All we need do is work along side with God in achieving our dreams and working along side with God is working out our dreams in accordance with His word and promises. God promised to give Abraham whatsoever his eyes saw and Abraham worked with that promise. What has God promised you concerning your dreams? God wants you to prosper in all you do not just spiritually but in all ramifications, that's why He said, "I wish above all things that thou may prosper even as thy soul prospers." 3 John 1:2.

With the coming of 2019, some of us must have set goals we want to achieve as the year goes by. There are people if you should ask them what their dream is, they have no clue or Idea what their dream is while for others, they have an idea of what they dream about or actually know what their dream is but are only excited living in the fantasies of their dreams not knowing how to go about it or waiting for who would help them take the first step towards achieving their desired dream. I was once like this, trust me. There was a time I had no idea where my life was heading and there were times I dreamed of doing a thing but just lived in the fantasies of what I dream of having, becoming or doing with no idea of how to properly take steps towards achieving my dreams. For some, it is lack of confidence or fear of criticism from people around that has pushed their dreams down the drain.

  • IDENTIFY YOUR DREAMS : First of all know that your primary goal in life is to serve God. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added to you." (Mathew 6:33). God does not only want you to have the goal of serving Him, He also wants you to have your personal goals or dreams to achieve successfully and that is why He said He would give you every other thing you desire serving Him. "Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart." ( Psalm 37: 4). One way in identifying your dream is knowing your heart burning desires or what keeps coming to your mind and puts a smile on your face each time it comes to your mind. You get all excited just thinking about it with a beautiful picture of it well played in your mind but do not fail to ask yourself if your dream is a dream that will bless and touch the lives of people positively and that's why your dream need to be in accordance with God's word. God will not give you dreams outside His word and any dream He gives to you will always be a blessing to people either globally or locally(people around you). Our God is people-oriented and every dream He had and brought to pass were and is still about mankind so should your dreams be. You could also have a personal dream you want to achieve for yourself, identify it also. Your personal dream could and can still be a blessing to people around you.

  • WRITE YOUR DREAMS DOWN : Ensure to write down every dream, idea or inspiration that comes to your mind. Ideas, dreams and inspirations can flood your mind at anytime, any day and anywhere and are not to be taken lightly. Not every idea comes back to your mind, while some may reoccur for a while. Don't ever think you will remember an idea that just flashed your mind, you might never recall it; I am a witness to that. I have lost some ideas or inspirations this way. While writing this at the moment, some ideas or tips come to mind of what to write and in order not to forget the points, I just go below the page and put down the point and later elaborate on it. If I should say, because the idea is related to what I am writing and as a result will not forget it then I am not only lying to myself but deceiving myself. Pen down your ideas and run along with it. Habakkuk 2:2 says " And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets that he may run that readeth it."
  • BREAK YOUR DREAMS DOWN : There are dreams that have short term periods to achieve and some take longer periods. After identifying your dreams, ensure to know which dream can be achieved in three months time, six months time or in a year's time. While for some people, it could just be a dream that needs to be broken down in parts to be achieved. A dream could need components to be achieved bit by bit before it is achieved into a full blown dream. For instance, you have a dream of setting up a business but do not have the needed capital, in order to break this dream down, you need to have an idea of when to start the business so you can start saving up some money monthly or daily as the case may be to get your major goal achieved.
  • HAND YOUR DREAMS OVER TO GOD : You can't successfully pursue or have a dream outside God or without His help. Have a scriptural basis for your dream i.e back up your dream with a scripture. This blog came into emergence as a result of so many challenges and set backs I have faced and still face. Scriptures from the Bible were what I held on to firmly to pull through every challenge, live by everyday and they form the bases for this blog. Jeremiah 29:11 is my major anchor scripture for this blog which says" For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord; Plans for welfare and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." Other anchor scriptures include; Joshua 1:9 " Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened neither be dismayed; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Romans 8:28 "And we know that in everything, God works for good with those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose."  Proverbs 23:18 " Surly there is a future; and your expectations shall not be cut off." These verses and many more are anchor scriptures for this blog. The source for the achievement of your dreams should only come from God. Don't go depending on people to get your goal achieved. God will place the right people your path to help you achieve your dreams if you solely depend on Him. I have seen dreams and visions crash and crumble due to over-dependence on people.
  • TAKE BABY STEPS : Be patient enough to take baby steps in achieving your dreams. Don't be carried away with excitement of how beautiful your dream looks in your head. The urge for urgency in achieving some dreams have killed so many dreams. You envisage a beautiful dream and want to achieve it overnight; its not possible. They say "Rome was not built in a day" so will your dream not be achieved in a day in a state of urgency. Be patient enough to follow every step towards achieving your dreams. It might look like you aren't doing a thing or nothing is happening, as long as you are not relenting or giving up, that dream will be achieved when you least expect. God makes all things beautiful in His own time (Ecclesiastics 3:1).
  • INVEST IN YOURSELF : Some dreams require certain sacrifices of gaining knowledge such as reading books or learning a trade. Reading books of great men who must have had a similar dream as you will give you an insight on how to pursue your own dreams. If your dream is to set up a business, then it would be advisable you learn the trade and learning the trade might require parting with some cash painfully but see the bigger picture at the end of the day.  Some dreams go down the drain because people fear to make sacrifices to have their dreams established/achieved. Some find it difficult spending some money to get that dream achieved. You don't necessarily need to spend much but making it bit by bit will make you gradually achieving a dream. 
  • YOUR ASSOCIATION : The association you keep matters concerning the success of achieving your dreams. Associate with people who encourage you in one way or the other. Your association could be physically with like minded people and it could be through books of great minds/people who have toed the path you want to take. " Be not deceived: Evil communications corrupt good manners."(1st Corinthians 15:33). The people you associate with as regards your dreams, have a huge impact on the success of your dreams. Not everyone will support your dream; some will scorn and make mockery of your dreams while some will do all  they can to ensure your dreams do not come to pass ( Like Joseph's brothers did to him). Move with like-minded people and people who aspire to make it big. You can not desire to be an eagle yet associate with chickens. Have great minds rub off on you.
  • SPEND SOME TIME ALONE : Endeavor to ensure you have some time all by yourself avoiding distractions so you can plan effectively putting strategies in place in achieving your goals. Great ideas come into play when you spend some time alone. Spending time alone, enables you to meditate, plan. strategize and pray to effectively achieve your goals.
  • BE DISCIPLINED : There are people who have dreams but not disciplined enough to be patient in achieving that dream. They get easily carried away with watery offers to hastily achieve their dreams without wanting to follow the process. Don't jump a process, cause if  you do you will miss it. If you have a goal of saving a certain amount of money every month to enable you hit a target, then you must be disciplined enough with your expenses knowing what you need from what you want. Have a particular amount you want to save monthly. Be also disciplined enough to follow every tip mentioned above and any other tip you know will be useful for you.

Quote for the day - "Your dream is the picture God gave you to keep you motivated." - Dr. Mike Murdock 
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