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This is a continuation of last week's post on Stay Comfortable With Who You Are, What You Have And Where You are. You can read it here

Trying to be comfortable with yourself or in your own skin can be a long process or seem difficult given the many challenges and circumstances that surround us but not impossible to achieve. 

Some people find it difficult to be comfortable with who they are because they feel certain people are ahead of them or because they feel they have so many defects, shortcomings or inadequacies in their lives compared to others. 

Life is too short (and sweet) to keep worrying about your shortcomings, what people seem to have more than you or that they are ahead of you and what people say or think about you.

You've got your own life to live to the fullest pursuing your dreams and goals, running your race while maintaining your own lane not minding who is ahead of you, what they say or think about you and who seem to have it all.

You truly do not need to compete or compare yourself with anyone who seems to have it all and ahead of you in running their own race.

It's very easy to see how others are doing so well - how smart they are, how talented they are, how beautiful they are and how far they have gone in life or their crafts - without seeing how far you have come in life, how well God has blessed you and the gifts, talents, abilities and power inside of you but God sees them because he bestowed you with them and knows what you can do with what he has given you.

We can't all have same gifts, do same things, look same way and we can't all have same purposes in life else the world won't be beautiful and colourful so we've got to be comfortable with who God has made us to be and the gifts he has graciously bestowed us with to make the world a better place.

When we all use our different gifts  uniquely as God intended us to (and not to compare them), we make the world a beautiful place to be in.

There is no grace in running someone else's race or trying to be like others. You only have grace to run your own race.

The people you try to compare yourself with have what they need to fulfil their assignment, you also have what you need to fulfil yours if only you can stay focused on your own goals.

But the moment you start comparing and competing with those you feel are doing much better or far ahead you, the less you would realize your own abilities to do the things you ought to do and that's the moment you begin to live frustrated life.

You do not need to outperform or be at par with anybody to feel good about yourself. You do not need to get the approval or validation of people before you become comfortable with yourself.

Instead of competing or comparing yourself with others, stretch your goals and grow in the gifts God has given  you. 

Though your gifts and talents may seem small to you and probably go unnoticed by people, you do not need a great gift to do great things in life and God does not need to wait for you to have a great gift before he can use you greatly.

You are not an average, you not a mediocre but a very special person with unique gifts inside of you to impact your world.

David had a very humble gift which is the use of sling that seemed insignificant in the midst of well trained soldiers.

But with that seemingly insignificant sling, David combined his humble gift with his faith in God and slew Goliath to the amazement of the well trained soldiers who had great gifts in the mastery of weaponry - 1 Samuel 17: 45-47

See, you don't need to have a great gift before you can do great things in life. You do not need to be noticed by a great and many people before you feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Comparing yourself with others can lead to living a life of frustration and constantly envious of others as seen in the case of Saul and David in 1st Samuel 18:7

Titles and positions won't make you feel any better if you are not comfortable in your own skin to do what God wants you to do.

When you force yourself or manipulate things and your way to be like someone else, to get ahead, to be in that top position you have always dreamed of, then you will constantly work so hard to remain there.

But when you accept who you are in God, the gifts he has given you, where you are and what you have, you will be at peace with yourself and grow steadily and when God takes you to where you ought to be, He will sustain and keep you there. You won't have to struggle.

Use your gifts then the titles will come. Instead of focusing on what others are doing, what they have and where they are, focus on your own strengths, abilities and capabilities.

Train yourself to start using your gifts and talents. Improve on what you have and start growing on them. Practice they say makes perfect and this is how you grow.

Running your race, understanding your assignment and being comfortable with who God has made you to be will make your life more fulfilling and meaningful than trying to be like others.

You are designed for a specific purpose so are the people you are trying to compare yourself with. You are where you are at the moment to function at your own capability. You just have to be secure enough to play your role.

God accepts and approves where you are at the moment. Little by little He is changing you and taking you to where you ought to be.

He has a purpose for your life and has equipped you with the potentials, talents, abilities and capabilities to live your life.

You are marked to make a difference here on earth just by simply being you using the gifts God has given you.

Combine your gifts and talents with faith just as David did with the use of the sling and see God take you to higher grounds.

At the start of each day, rid yourself off every negative thought and make space for positive thoughts, ideas and new possibilities.

Paying so much attention to negative thoughts can reinforce them and make you miss opportunities that can improve your life.

But focusing on your strengths, the gifts God has graciously bestowed on you and your abilities, gives you a high level of control over your life and less competition and comparisons with others. 

Set your goals for the day and focus on actualizing these goals. This way, you have less time focusing on others who are living their lives to the fullest.

Everyday, do at least something that resonates with your gifts and talents. This way, you would constantly be working on your gifts, improving and growing with them. 

Celebrate your little wins everyday with a heart of gratitude to God. Celebrating your little wins everyday serves as a source of motivation to want to do more and believing in yourself.

Every set goal achieved in a day whether significant or not is worth celebrating and appreciating God for.

Be proud of who you are, what you've got, where you are and how far you have come. No one has it all. We all strive to be better each day.

Quote For The Day "The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods." - Robin S. Sharma

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