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Have you ever experienced some setbacks in life? Can be frustrating right? But one thing is for sure always and that is A Setback is Nothing but a Setup for a great Comeback.

We have all made mistakes in life, encountered some difficulties or obstacles, we have all had our struggles and still have struggles in life and we may have some regrets due to our actions in the past.

There were also times we thought we had our lives planned out perfectly. We had prepared so well for a project, a speech, an exam, an interview and so on, yet experienced some setbacks.

I once had a speech to give recently which I had prepared for so well and could even do it in my sleep perfectly yet on the day of presentation, I missed some lines and blanked out (setback).

During my final exams in school, a question I saw and knew the answers to because I had read and prepared so well for it but my head went blank for a moment. Had to skip it to the next after which it all came back.

A perfect example of someone who had series of setbacks yet was setup for a major comeback was Abraham Lincoln.

He failed in business at the age of 22; failed again in business at the age of 24; lost his wife at the age of 26; had a nervous breakdown at the age of 27; lost his congregational race at the age of 34; lost another one at the age of 36; lost a senatorial race at the age of 45; failed in his effort to become the president at the age of 47; lost another senatorial race at the age of 49 and finally elected president at the age of 52.

Abraham Lincoln had series of setbacks for good thirty years but never gave up. These failures were rather preparing him for a great setup and major comeback.

He eventually became one of the finest and best Presidents America ever had. You can't speak of the history of America without mentioning Abraham Lincoln despite his many setbacks.

Thomas Edison is said to have failed 1,000 times to invent the light bulb but eventually did because he refused to give up. When asked how he felt failing 1,000 times, his reply was " I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

Life is full of unpredictable changes. Some changes were planned while some occurred abruptly in our lives without notice and will continue to do so.

As an individual or a human being, I have faced every setback anyone could think of. Disappointments, failures, rejections, criticisms, heartbreaks, embarrassments, disgrace, betrayals and so many others yet these things are what have made me into a stronger and a better person in life.

As difficult as they may seem, they created in me a survival instinct and I have developed a shark skin. Not like I still don't experience such or that I don't feel the pain or impact of a hard blow but I always find my way around and out of every negative event positively. 

Setbacks are just learning experiences, in other words, don't always expect  things to turn out the way you want, when they don't, thank God still and be grateful because He is taking you to a whole new level.

Surprisingly, even if we find it hard to believe or accept, these things are part of who we are and make us what we ought to be in life.

You may have had some dreams and set up goals to achieve this year yet had setbacks. You are not alone. Get back up and get your acts together. We all fall short sometimes but doesn't mean we stay down.

Failing in your dreams and goals does not necessarily mean you move on to something else. If you don't try to have a comeback, then you will find it difficult to be better at anything. You will keep moving from one thing to the other without being good at anything. 

Presently, the whole world is faced with a setback due to COVID-19. Economies are crashing, I hear people are already loosing their jobs, businesses folded up, companies shot down all in a bid to curtail the spread of the virus yet the world still evolves and moves on. It's just a setback for a setup to have a great comeback.

Every individual, company, economy and the world at large affected by this pandemic will definitely be setup for  a great comeback at the end of it all. 

These things don't define us. They are not who we are, but rather preparing us for a greater good. They are setbacks for our setups giving us great comebacks.

Every unpleasant event experienced is simply preparing us for something great in the future. Life is full of series of events, be it negative or positive yet with an impact for the future. 

Facing a setback is not a pleasant thing to experience, but when you fall, you gotta stand up again and keep moving on never to throw in the towel. 

These setbacks build in us character, patience, gratitude, values etc.They are what makes us better versions of who we truly are. You become much better  and stronger than you had anticipated or expected.

One of the best ways to stay strong when you experience a setback is to keep a positive attitude in the midst of it all. The more the bitter the experience the greater the success.

Until, you realize that things won't always go the you want or had planned it then you would find it difficult handling your own life.

Nothing just happens in life. If you suffer a setback or presently suffering one at the moment, be strong. Even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities.

If you choose or decide to, you can always find value and fulfillment in every circumstance. As the world is presently facing a common challenge and in a lock down situation due to COVID-19, there are those who have found a reason to make effective use of the time than to waste it complaining.

Quote for the day - "Sometimes, what appears to be a setback is God's mode of elevation." - Richard Branson
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