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We have come to the first half of the year and I'm sure for some of us, it would seem like nothing tangible has been achieved or done in our lives yet the year is fast coming to an end.

We had set out major goals we would love to have achieved before the year ends but as the year is gradually coming to an end, there is apprehension that life would remain the same with nothing to show for at the end of the year.

While some people might see visible progress, some can not boldly say half of the goals set for the year have been achieved. 

So many of us do not even see the little wins or goals achieved and are proud of them yet there have been little progresses that go unnoticed because of the bigger picture we have in our heads.

For such people, they are only focused on the bigger picture that they are blind to see the little or smaller pictures that has brought them this far even to the first half of the year.

Did you know that God celebrated His little wins? He had a bigger picture in mind in creating the whole universe and everything in it. The universe did not appear over night or fall from the skies.

He took it step by step and every step He took successfully, He recognized it and celebrated it. How did God do this? He saw everything He created as good before proceeding to the next goal (Genesis 1:1-31).

There are people who had had set goals to achieve but gave up along the way because they saw no reason to celebrate every step taken to actualize that dream.

Some actually started working on their goals but gave up due to some challenges and difficulties encountered.

Some gave up due to experienced failures, mistakes made, mockeries and criticisms. But when we focus on all these, they can prevent one from seeing the little successes made, the little goals or wins achieved and then give up trying to reach the major goal. 

Our major victories come in little packages but trust me, when you fail to recognize these little packages, you will never get the bigger package. 

These little packages when seen and recognized serve as motivation for us to keep moving forward and motivation is necessary as it is what keeps us on the right path continually but once we loose sight of motivation, we go astray and off the path.

The lack of motivation comes in when we see nothing to celebrate or are unsure of where we are headed or what we are pursuing to achieve. 

Most times we experience lack of motivation because we are focused on the bigger picture making it seem like the goal is still so afar off and impossible to achieve and then loose sight of our dreams.

Everyday of our lives, there are or have been activities we perform that gradually lead to the bigger picture yet these little activities in most cases go unnoticed but we never fail to notice the errors, the mistakes and failures.

It's important we acknowledge the success of every step taken towards the actualization of our goals irrespective of the challenges encountered.

Realizing our major goals come in little packages which is achieved in the steps, actions and activities we do everyday.

It is commonly said that success is in what we do consistently. You don't get successful over a thing overnight but gradually in what you do consistently.

Small wins are the little things we do everyday and get successful at them even when we taught they were impossible to achieve.


You may be wondering why you should celebrate your little wins when they seem insignificant and nothing to be compared to the major win.

We always want to wait to till we hit the bigger win before we celebrate but life itself is worth celebrating everyday.

Living to see each day and working towards your dream is enough reason to celebrate your small wins. 

Below are some reasons why you should celebrate your little wins.

1. THEY KEEP YOU HAPPY : Seeing the little progresses you make everyday towards the achievement of your major win keep you happy and hopeful that that dream is a possibility.

2. THEY SERVE AS MOTIVATION : Your small wins serve as motivation and inspiration for you to keep going on. They give you more reasons as to why you should keep pursuing that dream.

3. THEY MAKE YOU FEEL MORE CONFIDENT : The closer you get to your dreams through your small wins, the more confident you are that you will achieve it and the more confident you would be to keep pursuing. 

4. YOU CELEBRATE YOU : In celebrating our little wins, most of us do not realize that we are actually celebrating us, our habits, strengths, abilities, capabilities as well as who we are becoming in the process.

That dream might seem long to materialize but keep fanning the flame by celebrating your little wins. The dream is still alive. God knows how to bring it to pass.

Do not let the challenges take away the beautiful pictures you have in your head and in front of you. Keep imagining you fulfill your destiny and work towards it.

Every challenge you see today is subject to change. God knows how to bring your dreams to pass. Get your fire back on and keep the right perspective.

You have come too far to give up and you have been through a lot to give up. Crown your own efforts with your success

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY - "A little progress each day adds up to big results." - Brigitte Linford


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