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A very close friend of mine contacted me during the week and talked about giving up on a plan that seems not to be yielding result despite how long the plan has been in motion and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "You Are Closer Than You Think" . This has inspired today's write up. 

There are so many people out there in similar situation wanting to give up or throw in the towel because it seems they can't achieve what they had hoped to achieve but today, I want to encourage you and let you know that You Are Closer Than You Think.

Sometimes, it is people who criticize you and what you do, trying to bring you down or discourage you from pursuing your dreams. These doubters may be fiends, foes, a family member and sometimes people online whom you've never met in person. In such a situation, your motivation should be why you started in the first place.

Only you saw the realization of your dream in your head so let their criticisms also serve as a motivation for you. If they say you can't, let them know you can and you will. One of my mantras is "you will never know until you try."  Quitting will never let you know what you can do except you give it a try. Let your critics be a source of motivation for you too.

Along the paths of success, the views will not always be clear especially when it seems like what you are expecting or hoping to achieve is taking longer than expected. There will always be the tendency to want to give up but each step you take brings you closer to your dreams.

You have come this far to give up too soon. Every step taken, is a step towards the realization of your dreams, set plans or goals. Take into consideration for a moment all the resources, time and energy that you have put into the plans and think if its all worth throwing away.

For some, it could be a spouse, a child, a financial breakthrough and so on. Just know that everyday takes you closer to the realization of your dream. Your giving up could be at verge of your breakthrough. It could just be a day, an hour or a minute to the realization of your dream. You just don't know how close you are until you make it.

Dreams or goals are not easily achieved. If the they come to you on a platter of gold, then they won't be appreciated, how much more showing gratitude to God. The realization of your goal will test you over and over again but being focused, disciplined and determined will keep you going on until it is achieved so you need to keep moving on. 

One major way to stay encouraged and motivated to keep going on even when it seems like you are getting no where, is to have a picture of your dream in your head. Visualize the outcome of your plans. If you feel like giving up, have a mental picture of what you want and you would see yourself bounce back. This will always inspire you to forge ahead despite the hurdles on the way.

When you you learn to change your focus positively, then you would realize that giving up is not an option. The days that seem nothing is happening and you keep moving on are the most significant days in your life and not  the day it all worked out fine for you.

Those tough days are what will make you and mold you into who you ought to be. They will teach you valuable lessons that you never will forget in life. Lessons that will shape your whole being - how you think and view hings from a whole new perspective and then make you a better person.

Those tough days will be your beautiful story to tell and inspire others because they would tell who you truly are and all you had to go through and do to become who you are today. So, envisage on that great day that will make you look back on these tough days and be grateful to God for bringing you this far. 

Stay focused and pay attention to every detail or experience on your journey towards achieving your goals because they are priceless and not to be taken for granted. What you do in the process of the journey will determine the outcome of your dram. You either continue the journey or quit. Stay in the journey and remain focused.

Quote for the day - " You will never know success if you give up." - Thomas Edison 
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