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We are in a month tagged the month of love. Infact, this morning, while at the bank I heard some people born in this month of love say they carry love in them☺. That is how special this month is.

In a week's time from today, specifically 14th February, it will be valentine's day and the much talked about word LOVE will be felt and seen all over the place - the streets, on radio, TV stations, news papers and on all social media platforms. It is even believed that valentine starts from 7th February and and runs through 14th of February.

Love will be expressed in different forms with the exchange of different kind of gifts in different forms. But what is the best gift you can ever give to your loved ones on valentine's day and beyond? A gift that creates a lasting memory and leaves an impact in the life of your significant other as well as every other important person in your life.

What gifts do your loved ones - significant other, children, siblings, friends, parents - truly want? In most cases, people expect material things to be given to them or received as gifts such as wrist watches, shoes, teddy bears, chocolates, bags and the likes which is okay to do but for me the best gift you can give anyone on such a day is the gift of YOU.

You are an expression of God's love and there is so much love inside of you that you can give to anyone on valentine's day and beyond. Aside the material or financial gifts you can give to anyone, there is so much within you to express that money can not buy and material things can not fulfil.


Unfortunately, the world is so spoilt that if one  does not get a financial  or material gift from their loved one(s) especially on such a day, then they feel they are not loved enough. Love is now based on material or financial gains than what is truly vital and that is the gift of the persons in our lives. 

Rather than giving, most people even expect to receive but love is not a one sided thing but a two way street in which we give and receive and not to exploit the other person. This is what true love really is.


This for me is the best gift I can ever receive from anyone especially from my significant other. You can get me all the gifts in the world, give me all the money in the world with all it's currencies but if your presence is lacking in my life, then every other thing becomes useless to me. Don't get me wrong, I love receiving gifts from the ones I love and who love me back but the presence of my significant other and my loved ones comes top the list for me.

You can't claim to truly love a person without creating time for such a person. Matthew 6:21 says "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Your heart will always be with whom you truly love and whom you truly love you look forward to spending some quality time with the irrespective of the material or financial gifts you the person.

Now, beyond making out time for your loved ones is actually being present -  staying in the moment. When you actually make out time to spend with someone, your heart should be there and not in other things such as your phone, the events of the previous days or upcoming events, a business deal that happened or about to to happen. When you are distracted from actually being present and being in the moment, you lose sight of of the beautiful moment -getting to know and learn of each other, having fun and actually listening to each other.

2. YOUR LOVE : The essence of this day is encapsulated in one word LOVE. Your love, I mean genuine love is what keeps any relationship alive and healthy. Your gifts in any form would mean nothing when there is no genuine love. You can give without loving but you can't love genuinely without giving

Genuine love is expressed in words and action or deeds. When you say to someone I LOVE YOU, it will also be seen in the way you act towards them - smiles, intimacy, hugs, kind deeds empathy.

YOUR BELIEF : It's one thing to love a person and another thing to truly believe in that person. Believing in someone's potential especially when this person feels loved by you, there is no mountain that person can not move, no hurdle the person can not cross and no obstacle or challenge the person can not overcome because the person is aware of your love and belief in him/her. Even when such a person experiences failures, he or she is confident of succeeding because of your belief in him or her.

A child excels and succeeds in his or her ventures mainly because the parents or a parent believes in his or her abilities. Research has it that, successful people who grew up from dysfunctional homes became successful in life because they had one person who believed in them.

Trust me, when you believe in your significant other and any other person in your life, the opinions of others (outsiders) won't matter to them because they know you believe in them and that is all that matters. 

Be their cheerleader, encourager, number one fan and support system in their dreams, passions, hubbies and every other venture they embark on whether they succeed or fail. 

Giving is an essential part of us. It is what makes us feel alive. We are not here to just take but to give as well. When we truly love, giving becomes easy and a part of us. We do not just give financially or materially but to give deeply of our entire selves. 

To express his genuine love for us, God gave his only son Jesus (John 3:16) who in turn, understanding what true love is gave himself for mankind. You can't speak of true love if you are not ready to give yourself in your relationships.

Quote for the day - "You give but little when you give your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." - Khalil Gibran

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