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It can sometimes be frustrating to see the successes of others that seem so effortless or like it was handed over to them on a silver platter yet for you it seems more of struggles and sometimes, even after the struggles, things still don't fall into place as expected or they seem like they never would.

Everyone of us at one point in life have pretty much experienced such times where things seem not to fall in place irrespective of how much we try to make things happen or try to get things figured out.

If you are presently going through such experience, I want you to know that things may seem uncertain at the moment but they will eventually fall into place. Give it time while you keep working and trusting God being positive and optimistic that God will make things right.

It may take sometime even longer than expected or imagined. You may experience pains and rejections. The anxiety may not go away but if you give it time, things will eventually fall into place. 

Sometimes, we keep wondering and thinking about how things would have been if we got that job, if that relationship worked out, if only we did what we set our hearts to do, if only we had pursued our dreams, if only we did this or did that the other way round and so on. 

We may never know how things should have turned out or would turn out but trust me, when we keep trusting and hoping on God while we keep working at our dreams, things we eventually fall into place if we faint not.

There is a reason why things happen the way they do. All we need to do instead of asking and wondering why things don't happen as they should we should seek the lessons and growth that come with such periods. We may never know if things would get better but we can grow with the experience and hope that things will get better.

The beautiful thing about going through moments of uncertainty, is that there are lessons we gain going through such moments and growth we experience gaining more insight and wisdom in life. It can also give us a positive outlook or perspective in life.

When we trust the process, we simply let go and let God. We are simply telling God that we are open and ready for where he takes us to. We may spun in circles but we trust God is taking us exactly where he wants us to be. 

Life is not about the destination but more about the journey - the experiences, lessons,  patience, perseverance and resilience in the process.

Quote for the day - "Eventually all the pieces will fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason...." - Albert Schweitzer

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