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So many people today - like I used to - dread solitude for fear of being alone. They mistake loneliness for solitude. 

Solitude is not synonymous to loneliness - as so many people see it to be- but a conscious choice we make to withdraw from external stimuli and embrace the richness of being alone, enjoying your own company all by yourself and discovering or rediscovering who you are.

Solitude and loneliness are of same physical manifestation yet of two different aspects. Solitude is being alone in a positive way while loneliness is of a negative emotional state.

In the serenity of solitude, the noise from the world fades away, we get the opportunity to connect with our authentic selves, explore our dreams, fears, aspirations and listen to the whispers of our souls without distractions from the outside world.

While being alone can be scary for some people, it can also be a time for self-discovery and reflection.  A time to ask yourself pertinent questions such as what is my purpose on earth? Where do I want to be in life at a certain point? How do I make meaningful contributions to the society? What are my goals and dreams in life and how do I pursue and achieve these goals?

It is in solitude that we are confronted with the raw essence of our being. We become free to explore the depths of our thoughts and emotions without outside influences. Passions, dreams and ideas are birthed in moments of solitude. 

The space to ponder and question our values or morals is given in the place of solitude or silence. We begin to gain clarity and a better understanding of who we truly are - not what society dictates we should be - and gradually find answers to every question pertaining to life. 

I get inspired to dream, ideas come to me and I experience growth in my life in moments of solitude. I see possibilities of my dreams coming true when I spend time alone than when am with the outside world.

A growth mindset is mostly achievable in moments of solitude but unfortunately, in this day and age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to spend time alone and reflect or give room for self-improvement. We become so busy in the hustle and bustle of life trying to make ends meet, keeping up with friends and relatives as well as wanting to know what is going on in all social media platforms that we forget who we truly are desperately needs our attention the most.

Yes, we all value social connections, love and the need to be around others as these lead to better mental health, emotional well-being and feelings of safety but we must learn to detach and be alone sometimes to help us contemplate on our own beliefs, ideas and values outside the influence and opinions of others.

Self-reflection in solitude can be the most valuable emotional release of self-validation and the discovery and securing of our true identity. Irrespective of how busy we are on daily basis, we can always set aside a small amount of time where we are able to connect with ourselves and seek growth. 

Learn to have a dedicated time each day for alone time. Such moments can be in the early hours of the day when you can read, meditate, have an introspection and self reflection. Having a walk alone also gives us the opportunity to be alone creating room for ideas, self-reflection and inspiration.

Learn to embrace moments of solitude rather than seeing it as loneliness. Such moments possess the power that can transform our lives. It is in the art of solitude that we discover the true essence of our being, unlock our true potentials, unleash the power of creativity that resides within us and unveil our extraordinary selves. 

You can always turn moments of loneliness into a place of solitude if you ever find yourself being lonely. See moments of loneliness as an opportunity to incorporate solitude. It may not be easy but not impossible to do. 

See such a time as time for self-development - read books, do some work-outs, take a walk to clear your mind from all forms of negativity, write down ideas that flow through your mind or about what you are going through and find inspiration to keep moving on in life. Listen to good music that will lift your soul and encourage you to get out of the feelings of loneliness. 

Enjoy spending time alone and find it more fulfilling than being in the company of people. It is the key to unveiling your true self.

Quote for the day - "In the silence we listen to ourselves. Then we ask questions of ourselves. We describe ourselves, and in the quietude we may even hear the voice of God."

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