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There are certain things or problems we pray about and wish God would take away when we call upon him but these problems don't just go away.

The more we pray, the more these problems stare us in the face. No matter how hard we pray, beat ourselves up, cry and shout out to God, they just don't go away. Sometimes, we even begin to ask God questions and doubt his love for us

I have had several issues and still have some that I have prayed to God about that just won't go away and I'm sure you have experienced such or presently experiencing such.

Beyond requesting God should take away the problem and it doesn't go away is what God is doing deep within us.

When we pray, we may not get immediate relief as the problem does not go away but with time, we get clarity on why God does not just take away our problems sometimes.

Every difficulty or Challenge we face whether taken away or not when we pray are in most case meant for our good.

Often times we say the phrase from Romans 8:28 "all things work together for good." when we are facing a difficult challenge or problem and we say these words with the hope and believe that the problem will go away in no time and we would be living the soft life but how about when the problem doe not go away as hoped or expected?

Beyond the problem not going away is God molding and shaping us into better persons and who he wants us to be.

In difficult challenges that problems won't just go away, the end product is a refined character and the virtue of patience developed.

Just because we believe God can answer our prayers, grant our requests and take away certain problems from our lives does not mean he always will. He said in Isaiah 55:8-8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

He knows what is best for us and knows which problem that will take us through the fire and refine us so we come out as gold shining brightly like we always should.

Jesus despite knowing his greatest mission on earth was to die for the salvation of mankind still cried out to God in Luke 22:42 to let the cup pass over him yet God did not because He had a better plan for mankind.

I want you to know that when you are going through trials or facing tribulation of any kind, God's grace is always there to you see through it all. 

When it feels like the problem ain't going away and like you would be consumed by it , hold on and stay strong in faith you will scale through it better and stronger. 

Like they say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" so are problems that won't go away despite our prayers and fasting. God said in  1st Corinthians 13 that he won't let you go through what is beyond your ability but will always provide a way of escape for you. 

No problem is meant to kill you but to make you better if only you don't throw in the towel. God's grace is sufficient for you (2nd Corinthians 12:9). 

Quote for the day - "God did not remove the Red Sea. He parted it. God will not always remove your problems but will make a way for you to get through them." 

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