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In the world we live in, so many people are more concerned about what they want to get, the point they want to get to, the height or pinnacle in career they want to get to, hitting financial target/salary increase, owning properties, becoming famous in life, becoming spouses, achieving a goal or living a dream life yet do not want to go through the process. 

We become so impatient in the process that we most times give up on our dreams or miss out on important lessons while trying to achieve a goal but happiness is actually found in the little things we do or steps we take to achieve what we want to get to and not actually in the getting.

When you look at the people you admire or aspire to be like and dig deep into how they became what they are now, you would find out that there is no glory without a story. 

These people learned through the process and applied the knowledge, experiences and lessons learned in the process to get to where they are at the moment. 

There were times they failed but never gave up, times they were discouraged but never threw in the towel and times they were mocked and criticised for doing what they were doing or for failing at one point in time yet they never gave in. 

The process is what refines you, redefines you and reinvents you. We most times forget to live our lives seeing the beauty of life in the smallest of things because we are more focused on the destination and not the journey.

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In every challenge or journey we go through in life, we gain experiences, skills, knowledge and sometimes wealth. 

In life's journey, what you you become in the process is of more importance and greater value than what you get. 

A dear friend of mine Mayokun Adeoti recently said "Life is not just a passage of time. Life is a collection of experiences." 

We are mostly concentrated on the goals and not the details or experiences in the process of achieving our goals. 

There are times we set  goals to achieve but fail to achieve them, yet the lessons learnt in the process become very vital and never forgotten but if attention is not given to details in the process, then we have lost it all, not gaining a thing.

You might be in a job where your efforts and inputs are not rewarded or appreciated in kind and in cash (salary increase), trust me, what you are becoming in the process is far more important than what you get in terms of salary increase or a pat on the back for a job well done.  

When you eventually leave that job to a better job or starting your own company/business, you take along with you the lessons learnt in your previous job and that makes you become who you ought to become in your present state. 

It might be a failed relationship that did not work out as planned even after doing all you could to make it work but trust me, you become stronger, better and wiser in your next relationship. 

Sometimes, it's a failed business that tries to weigh you down but if you pay special attention to the details in the process, you would do better when you give the business another shot.

What you take to your destination (goals achieved) in the journey of life is you and your wealth of experiences, skills/talents and the knowledge you have gained so far. 

These things are what actually make your life beautiful and not what you get at the end. The stories you get to tell your your kids or contemporaries of your experiences, sacrifices and things you had to go through to get to where you are or what you have achieved is what makes the story and your life beautiful. 

It is what inspires and motivates them not what you have gotten. The beautiful story of  your becoming or of how you became what you are now adds and teaches values to your kids and people around you as well as to generations unborn making them better persons and in turn making the world a better place. 

This brings fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction and inner joy when you sit back to look at the things achieved but most of all how far you have come achieving what you have achieved. 

There are a good amount of successful people who in reality aren't actually happy and fulfilled despite all they have because they never became but only got.

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In life's journey, what you become in the process is more important than the destination. Infact, life is a constant journey with no actual destination. 

When one goal is achieved, another goal hits us in the face to pursue and it's in the process of pursuing all these goals that we become who we end up becoming, not the goals making us become who we are. Your becoming happens at every single point of the journey. 

In every process you go through, you are learning. At the end of the day, it is the skills, knowledge, wealth and experiences gained that make you a better person and used to impact lives making the world a better place

There are times we are so stretched in trying to complete a task or achieve a goal but if we don't pay attention to the little details we come across while stretching, then we gain nothing. While we are stretched, we are learning certain things. 

There are times we feel so downcast when a thing does not work out at the end that we fail to realize the lessons in the process.

When you consider  what you could become through the process of trying to complete a task, achieve a thing or a goal, you would be able to face the challenges that come with the process and if you end up failing or not achieving that particular goal or set of goals, within, you become satisfied with the experience or knowledge gained.  

In every vocation, career, skill or talent, what makes the difference is constant practice, reading and engaging repeatedly in what we do and not the salary, the fame or accolades we get at the end of the day.

God as deposited within us talents, skills and the passion to live the dream life we desire. He has also embedded in us the ability and capability to surmount every challenge that comes in the process while we learn the hidden lessons in those challenges. 

So, stop worrying more about getting to the destination but be more sensitive in the process. In some cases, you find your purpose in the process and gain more clarity in ways that God wants to work with you and through you.

Quote for the day - "Life is not just a passage of time. Life is a collection of experiences." - Mayokun Adeoti 
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