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I am sure in the year 2020, some of us had heart desires that were not met, dreams not lived, goals not accomplished, ideas not executed and so many others.

We most likely expected some changes to take place in 2020 but it never happened. I expected some changes too that did not occur.

We so much desire a change from a present state of being. Either a change in job, career, environment, finances, a change in status and so many others yet no visible change occurred.

But come to think of it, even as the year changed from 2020 to 2021, did everything actually change? The pandemic is still there threatening our peace, there are still some forms of hardship here and there.

We may have experienced some changes while some things remained unchanged. Things that did not go as planned or as expected and remained unchanged can lead to some form of discouragement.

Discouragement is something we all go through or experience at one point in life especially when it seems like nothing is changing despite the efforts we put in, the handwork, the prayers and fasting made.

We encounter setbacks, mistakes, failures, rejections, abandonment, betrayals and so many others that tend to discourage us.

While we desire certain changes, we fail to realize that some things don't change overnight. There might be immediate changes in certain areas but some changes can take weeks, months or even years.

This is not to make us miserable but to strengthen us. It is all part of the process. In order for us to grow, certain things must not go as expected when we want them to. 

And when things don't go as expected does not mean we remain pessimistic all through the period that things don't go as planned. Staying pessimistic can be detrimental and injurious to every aspect of our being.

Would we want to go through another year feeling depressed all through because the change we expected did not take place?

Learning what will happen in such circumstance (When things don't change) is what forms your character.

Life's experiences help to shape our character even if it means you have to go through some discomforting moments.

You can never fully appreciate the highs without first experiencing the lows. Just know and have in mind that Every Setback is a Setup for a great Comeback

The highs and lows are what make our experiences rich and our stories beautiful. They form part of our lives and help empower our mindsets. 

Don't get discouraged at what is not changing but let that challenge you into trusting God to bring what He has promised to pass. He is too faithful to fail. 

God did not bring you this far to leave you. You are a work in progress in His hands. He said in Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the plans I have for you, "Declares the Lord" plans to prosper you and not to harm, plans to give you hope and a future." 

Don't get focused on what is not changing but let your gaze be on God and His promises concerning you. 

Get to a point in life where you develop an attitude and belief system independent of any negative circumstance experienced. 

It can be tempting to think that your present circumstance will never change when you are doing what you should to cause a change yet no result then you resort from one solution to the other jumping from one place to another seeking solutions yet accomplishing nothing.

Your goal or heart's desires could take weeks, months and even years to achieve. Instead of focusing on the destination,  learn to focus on the journey 

Your actual making is in the process and not necessarily on the goal. In the journey of life, it is not all about what you get but what you become.

When you do not reach your goals, ambitions or the desires of your heart, instead of getting all worked up, learn to forgive yourself of every slip up and move on with your life. 

Fight every form of discouragement that sets in. Don't let it linger because it can sap you of your energy and vision in life.

Your tough times does not determine the way your story ends but your attitude in such times will determine how you end.

When it seems like nothing is happening, keep the right perspective and the right attitude at all times. Unpleasant things only change after going through some difficult moments.

These things are necessary for you to go through to get to your promised land. Don't be discouraged about what you are going through. 

You can't become what you ought to be without the struggles, setbacks, difficulties or challenges. 

I have gotten to a stage in life where I have developed an attitude and belief system that is independent of the circumstances I find myself in.

I may have desired certain changes in my life that are yet to take place but doesn't mean I go haywire when I don't see such changes.

That is because I have developed a shark skin and I'm prepared for when things don't go as expected so I don't remain unhappy or depressed.

Instead of wallowing in self pity, depression and anxiety, develop same  attitude and belief system independent of circumstance.

Learn lessons from such unpleasant circumstances and then use them to build a better future. Ensure to make productive your extra time. Let no time in 2021 go to waste. 

Decide what type of effective attitude you are going to have in 2021  and the ones you are to avoid so you don't all worked up. 

Quote for the day - "Sometimes, things don't work out. Not because you don't deserve it but because you deserve so much more."

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