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Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, victories and challenges. It is not always a bed of roses like we would always prefer it should be. 

It will always happen to as it always does but in the end, it mostly happens for us. It in most cases would seem like life and everyone around us is against us or conspiring against us - and even if it was so - at the end everything happening to us serves a purpose and always for reason. 

According to Tyler Perry, "The trials we go through and the blessings we receive are the same thing." "Those trials are lessons you can learn from and those lessons are blessings."

For as much as we want to believe and accept - which we should - the quote above by Tyler Perry, life can sometimes suck. 

It can in most cases put us in uncomfortable situations especially when things do not go as planned or as expected because things won't always go as planned for if they do, there would be no valuable lessons learnt, no growth in life and we would never acknowledge God as the source of our strength and the maker of every good thing that happens to us.

It's natural to question certain events happening to you or that happened to you even after careful planning but we do not need to dwell on such thoughts or keep living in the negative.

We have to be optimistic and positive enough that irrespective of the negative circumstance we may find ourselves in, there are blessing attached in the end. 

A brief visit to a place of negativities is understandable but we need to learn to snap out of the negative as soon as possible and begin to see that everything works out for our good and at the end, irrespective of what is happening to us, it will turn out to be a blessing for us.

Challenges are real and they come to us all irrespective of age or social standing. We all go through rough, tough and difficult times but how we each perceive and come out of these challenges is what makes the difference in our individual lives.

We can either decide to dwell and live in that negative emotional space or we see such a moment as a blessing in disguise.

Life will always happen to us but it happens for us in the end. When we believe that everything - good or bad -  that happens to us is for a reason or a purpose then everything that happens to us will serve us eventually. 

                                            HOW LIFE HAPPENS FOR US

Everything you have attracted in your life whether good or bad is there to teach you valuable lessons, guide you and help you evolve if you remain open that life and everything happening to you is purposeful.

  • There are always lessons to learn from every bad experience or challenge we go through. We most times do not see these lessons because we are mainly focused on the problem and how to get out of it as fast as possible than what it is teaching us. No matter how unpleasant a situation is to me, I will always see one thing good from it. If for instance a person treats me bad, I always say thank God this person did this at this time giving me the opportunity to know how to relate with the person better. When you fail at a thing, the lesson you learn from that failure will guide you on how to do it better and smarter next time and avoiding certain pitfalls. 
  • A challenge may happen to you just to serve a simple purpose of awakening you to identify who you truly are as a person. It could make you get intouch with your authentic self so you discover or rediscover who God has made you to be and live the life he wants you to live. Knowing who I am as person and realizing my authentic self came during very difficult challenging times. Challenges will always reveal the actual person you are be it good or bad and helps you work on yourself better especially on the dark or grey areas of your life.
  • Another thing those difficult moments did for me was that it helped me evolve and grow as a person. I have learnt to manage and overcome challenges that come my way. I have in fact gotten to a point in life where most things that seem to work against me or my plans don't get to me especially when they are out of my control trusting God that in the end it will work in my favour. Challenges help us evolve and grow. They stretch us to the point where being strong becomes the only option we have. These challenges help us adapt to situations as well as facilitate our growth, strength and flexibility.
  • Challenges also help to illuminate our skills and help us hone these skills as we ought to. My writing skill came into light after the difficult moments I went through and has led to other skills in the process as well.  
  • It is through challenges and difficult times that our hope is renewed, faith refined and patience worked on. Challenges get us to the point where we have no choice than to rely on God putting our hope and faith in him while being patient enough to let him take us through the process. Just as gold is refined through fire, so is our faith and patience refined through challenging and difficult times. James 1:3-4 says "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."
  • Challenges also help us build perseverance, resilience and character. When we come across difficulties and challenges, we are given the opportunity to display resilience, perseverance while our character is being built. It is in fact at such moments that your character strength comes in full display and developed. According to Romans 5:3-5, "And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience , experience, and experience , hope ; And hope maketh not ashamed ; because the love of God is shed in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us." Our character is molded and well refined in moments of challenges.
Life won't always be rosy. The challenges we go through give us beautiful experiences which we may not realize at the time but eventually do when the storm is over. It is the ups and downs of life that indicate we have truly lived and lived life well.

Quote for the day - "Just remember everything happens for a reason. We just have to pick ourselves up, and look on the bright side of life.'
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