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The very best way to manage your finances in life I believe is making more deposits into your bank account than making withdrawals. So it is with your relationships.

Your relationships in life are either of constant withdrawals or of deposits. A situation where there is more of a one sided deposits or of withdrawals leaves the relationship in deficit but where there is constant deposits from both sides, the relationship ends in sufficiency - well cultivated and nourished.

A two-way-street relationship is the healthiest relationship anyone can ever have. 

If we all decide to make deposits in each other's life rather than thinking of constantly withdrawing from the other person, we would have healthier relationships with our spouses, colleagues, subordinates, friends, siblings and acquaintances. 

There are so many ways to make deposits in your relationships such as financial assistance, words of encouragement, acts of service, giving of your time and other many other ways.

The opposite of making the above deposits is the use of negative words, discouragements, always wanting to collect and not give, lack of concern or empathy and so on

Today, I want you to reflect on your relationships irrespective of the kind of relationship you are  into and see what part you play - deposits or withdrawals - to have a healthy relationship. 

If you decide to make it more of deposits than withdrawals, you will begin to see your relationships flourish and thrive leading to more investments in that relationship over time.

I have come to realize that aside making relationships go sour, the one who makes more withdrawals loses respect and value over time in the eyes of others.

I want to encourage everyone of us to make more deposits in the lives of everyone we come across each passing day or that we get into one form of relationship or the other with. 

Think of leaving a lasting impact in people's lives at all times. Don't be the type that always wants to collect. 

Receiving all the time, does not give your life the needed fulfilment it desires. The more you always want to receive, the more you will always be in a beggarly state - always wanting to collect and not giving in any form. 

Always receiving or making withdrawals at the expense of others will only give momentary satisfaction or happiness. But when you do more of  deposits in people's lives, there is this unending joy your feel feel from the inside and flows outside which in turn gives your life meaning and fulfilment. 

Quote For The Day - "What you appreciate, you add value to."

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