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It can be terribly frustrating to feel stuck pursuing a goal or trying to achieve a thing with little or no progress in sight especially when you see others upping their game and for you it's like what you are experiencing is slow progress or no upward movement in sight. This can make you get into the comparison mode wishing or wondering when you too can go higher in the pursuit of your goals or be at par with the people you perceive as way ahead of you.

Whether you believe it or not, there are goals no matter how mundane they are that you have accomplished for yourself and these goals have brought you to where you are now and if acknowledge and grateful they can take you to extra-ordinary places in life.

But we in most cases fail to see these accomplished goals because we are focused on other people's progress or more concerned about a bigger goal that we loose sight of the little goals accomplished yet it is these little goals that lead us to the larger goal.

When we become less focused on the achievements of others, we would become less envious in life. We wouldn't see the need to start comparing ourselves with anyone but rather see the progress of others as a form of inspiration and motivation to keep pursuing our goals.

When we also become less focused on the larger goals but more focused on our achieved everyday goals, we would see every need to be grateful and thankful to God for what we have archived and how far he has brought us. When we do this, there will always be the need to keep going and forging ahead despite the odds.

There is no need to compare yourself or your life pursuits with that others. We all have different paths to follow, different goals to pursue, different races to run and different circumstances we go through to achieve our goals and everyone of us are on the path to greatness if only we maintain our different lanes, run our individual races at our own space as well as appreciate and celebrate our little wins every step of the way.

There is no greater feeling than the feeling of accomplishment irrespective of how little we perceive it. When you feel accomplished with your little wins, there is an over all improvement on your mental health and over all self - spirit, soul and body. Every little accomplishment has led you to where you are today and can still take you places you beyond your imagination as long as you keep going never looking back, giving up or giving in.

Sometimes it would take years to reach a target, sometimes days and sometimes even minutes to reach your goals, but irrespective of the time frame in reaching your goals, when you stay disciplined, determined and focused, you have a greater chance of getting there.

A major advantage you get with the feelings of accomplishment and if you do celebrate your little wins, is being motivated to keep going despite the odds. There is this sudden surge of energy that flows through you to press on. It creates a very deep hunger to build a stronger base and pull yourself to greater victory and triumph. You will also see yourself raising the standard for what is possible for you to achieve your goals and then develop healthy rituals to help you get there.

And one great way to see yourself accomplished and celebrating your little wins is the art of developing a progressive mind-set. Your mind-set sits your belief systems. How you perceive yourself - skills, talents and personality - is a determinant on how far you go in achieving your targets, goals and dreams.

A progress mind-set will help you evaluate yourself, improve your skills and help you seek ways to learn and grow in every aspect of your life unlike a fixed mind-set that truncates your growth and makes you believe you can't go further from where you are at the moment.

To get to where you desire to get to achieving your goals and improving your overall self, always have a progressive mind-set irrespective of the challenges. A progressive mind-set will help you build perseverance and resilience to keep going fighting against all odds.

Be proud of who you are and how far you have come in life. You did your best and still doing the very best you can to get to your desired destination. Never under-estimate the power in you and how far you can go in life. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you. 

Every goal you have accomplished in life and how far you have come is worth celebrating. Let no one tell you otherwise neither let their achievements intimidate you but celebrate with them. Your little achieved goals are getting you close to your big dreams.

Keep working and pursuing your dreams even when you feel like you are crawling or not moving at all. Every effort you put in towards the achievement of your goals is taking you closer to your dreams but most of all, working in you somethings of greater value - building your faith, perseverance and resilience.

Quote for the day - "Whatever you face, remind yourself  that you can handle it. You've been designed for it." - Joel Osteen

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