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The year 2019 is fast coming to an end. For some people, every goal set has been achieved, some have parts of their goals achieved while for others, it seems like nothing has been achieved and then comes the fear of what next and how far they still have to go. If most of us should sit down and try take stuck of our lives for the year 2019, it would seem like nothing really happened and nothing was achieved. Where we are at the moment and how far we still have to go is not as important as how far we have come and that we don't give up and finish strong irrespective of what goal was achieved or yet to be achieved.

We often find it difficult to see how far we have come because what we do most times is to think of what we do not have yet (money, position, material possession, intimate relationships etc) and not what we have which gets us trapped in the feeling of not being good enough to be, do or have. We mostly concentrate on the now and future and not looking at how far we have come or how the journey of 2019 has been in our lives.

Life itself is a journey and so has this year been for us all whether we see it that way or not. For some, it's been a great and fulfilling journey while for others, it's been challenging. Whichever one it is for you, it's been an awesome journey. Now the question is, how far have you come in your life this year? Weather the year has been challenging or awesome, how far have you come? Failing to see how far you have came in the year 2019 robs you off your joy and pride. You may not be where you dreamed of being by the end of 2019 or you may not have achieved that one goal set out for the year, but when you sit back and think well, you would see how far you have come and you would realize, you are not where you you were at the beginning of the year. If we look at the past with love, we would appreciate how far we have come since the year began. There were silent battles fought and won, little wins we ought to celebrate, seemingly little goals achieved but went unnoticed, confidence restored that we never had, did things we couldn't do before etc. We sometimes get so caught up in achieving a big dream that we forget the little ones achieved. We also get caught up looking at where we should have been and where we haven't reached in comparison to where others are or have reached that we fail to appreciate where we have been, what we have been through and how far we have come.

                       TIPS TO SEE HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME

1. GRATITUDE : First off, be grateful to God for seeing the end of the year and seeing the beginning of a brand new year. It's only the living that can talk about dreams and goals not the dead. The dead no longer have goals or dreams to pursue but the living does. So be grateful to God that you still breathe and have dreams to pursue. I was discussing with a good friend of mine few days back and I said to him that the year ran so fast and his reply was " The year ran just like any other year, the difference is that we are growing and pursuing our goals. We were so busy pursuing goals that we never took note of the days as they go by." This is the truth. The fact that we had goals to pursue is enough reason to be grateful to God for. A man without dreams, goals and vision is only existing and not living. He will be pushed by the wind to any direction because he has no direction of his own.

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2. BREATHE : Take a seat and have a deep breath. Take your mind of those voices reminding you of things you have not been able to achieve. You lived through the year fighting so many open and secret battles, discouragements, sleepless nights, rejections, abandonment, failures etc but here you are still standing strong on your feet. so take a deep breath and take pride in yourself. Silent those voices reminding you of  what you couldn't achieve thereby making you worry and full of anxiety.

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3. MAKE A LIST : Take a moment and make a list of your accomplishments. It doesn't matter how insignificant or small these achievements might be to you, make the list any way. Taking note of every little achievement to the bigger ones makes you see how far you have come. The little things achieved must not necessarily be material things but when you think deep, you would see that you were able to do things that people said you wouldn't or couldn't do. Most likely you lacked confidence in certain things or to associate with people but right now, you've got your confidence back doing those things you weren't confident enough to do. You also may have grown from one level to another in your career and so on. These are little things we often do not see cause we have in mind bigger dreams.

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4. THEN ASK YOURSELF THIS : Where were you this time last year or at the beginning of the year? who were you by this time last year or at the beginning of the year? what were you doing this time last year or at the beginning of the year? If you sincerely ask yourself these questions with deep thoughts, you'd be amazed to see how far you have come especially when you make reference to the list of accomplishments you have made for yourself whether big or small, insignificant or significant.
By this time last year, I wasn't this good in blogging nor writing but much better with it even if I haven't gotten to where I want with it and by this time last year, I never spoke in a gathering but had the opportunity speak as a motivational speaker in two gatherings. These are achievements for me that I celebrate everyday while I aim higher.

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5. CELEBRATE YOUR LITTLE WINS : Celebrate every little goal achieved even if it seems insignificant. Every step taken towards the achievement of your small and big goal is a win to be celebrated. The achievement of every big dream or goal starts with a step so every step is a win to be celebrated. The fact that you recognized, acknowledged and even wrote down your goals is a step taken towards the achievement of that goal and a win to be celebrated.

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6. RECOGNIZE THAT LIFE IS A JOURNEY : Life is ever evolving, we learn new things everyday. We experience changes and grow with these changes. Life's journey never ends. It only ends at death. For as long as we are still living and breathing, life's journey continues. We are a work in progress with every goal set and every dream we hope to live. When one goal is achieved, another resurfaces and that is how it keeps going on cause our lives are a constant work in progress.  When you realize that life is journey and that we are at constant working progress, you would appreciate how far you have come.

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We all want to reach the top of our dreams and goals and feel the excitement of achieving something in life but this is not always the case as our lives are always on the move. It doesn't matter if your are moving fast or slow, what matters most is that your moving and keep moving. Take time to look at the journey of your life since the year 2019 began, all you have done and how far you have come and see how you can evolve and grow from this point on. Take pride in your little achievements, pat yourself on the back, look at the future with hopes and faith then forge ahead.

Quote for the day - "Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you still have to go"
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