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It's the start of a new year and I believe we all have goals we have set for ourselves to achieve before the end of the year and please if you haven't, set at least one goal for yourself and if you can add more goals then do it because goals will help give your life a sense of direction for the year helping you stay focused.

Goals always serve as incentive to keep moving forward or forging ahead even in the face of difficulties or challenges so don't be scared to set one for yourself for fear of failure or not being able to achieve set goals.

Let 2023 not see you live your life each day as it comes with no sense of direction or focus for the year. Whatever you need to do for yourself, go all out and do it with consistency and be disciplined about it. Consistency prompts you to take it one step at a time while discipline keeps you focused on taking the next step.

You may have set goals for 2022 but unable to achieve. No to worry, it is never too late to keep pursuing your dreams and goals. Every day presents to us new challenges, opportunities and gives us the privilege to take one more step if we faint not.

In pursuing our goals everyday, we gain the opportunity and privilege in building our endurance, patience, character, perseverance, persistence and resilience

2023 may seem overwhelming as it would look like every other person has his/her life planned out and is moving towards achieving set goals already while you feel stuck and confused. It's okay to feel that way but it's not impossible to achieve set goals for yourself. All you need is taking one step at a time even if its tiny steps.

It is not about how fast you move but how well  you end the year with small disciplines that will lead to great success. The successful people we see today, admire and want to be like did not become successful overnight but were consistent with little disciplines every day to arrive at great accomplishments.

At the start of the year, we all get motivated to live a certain lifestyle and pursues set goals which is good but motivation alone is not enough. Motivation might keep you going with your goals but with discipline you grow and achieve much more for yourself as person. You end up building and improving on yourself than even the goal at sight.

You can have other ingredients as a person to reach your goals such as passion, motivation, ambition and the likes but without discipline, these other ingredients would be useless. According to the late Jim Rohn "The distance between dreams and reality is discipline."

With discipline, you cultivate healthy habits, set up daily routines for yourself and take actions towards improving yourself and reaching your goals. With discipline, you can easily turn your goals into accomplishments. 

Discipline helps you delay immediate gratification for long term satisfactions and gains. It helps you say no when you ought to than saying yes just to please others. It also helps you keep your emotions and reactions in check.

The simple truth is, you can't achieve your set goals without being disciplined. It works differently for different people but be disciplined enough to keep to your own rules.

If your goal for the year is loose some weight, then be disciplined enough to keep to your work-out schedule and hit the gym or indoor workouts even when you don't feel like it. If your goal is to gain more knowledge about a certain thing then be disciplined enough on your time schedule on how to reach that goal. If your goal is to gain more financial abundance then be disciplined enough to delay certain immediate gratifications, have more savings and do more investments. 

When pursuing your goals at the initial stage, you may not notice the changes, growth or improvement you desire but don't worry, keep going. The changes, improvement and growth become visible as time goes on with the consistent little disciplines you engage in every day. With time, you would notice how far you have come as a person and as regards your goals.

It may take longer than anticipated, keep holding on and be patient. Keep holding on to your daily healthy habits and routine. Keep taking small steps - one step at a time- each day. It's the little steps we take each day that lead to great accomplishments. Great things do not happen overnight, they in most cases take time. 

Everyday you achieve success for a task or meet that day's goal, celebrate it and be grateful for every little thing that happens in your favour daily. Celebrating your little wins serve as motivation to keep pursuing your goals and eventually hit your major goal for the year.

So, keep your head held high and face the new year with anticipation and not apprehension. The year is filled with so many good things in store for you to achieve your set goals.

Quote for the day "Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together."

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