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How often have you seen the need to celebrate your being? Is it until you have accomplished a task for the organization you work for? Until a dream you have desired for so long is achieved? And when these things are not yet achieved, you get all depressed and see no reason to celebrate yourself?
You are often led most times to celebrate people more for their achievements, birthdays, marriages, accomplishments etc which is all good but you see no need celebrating you forgetting you are the most important person in the equation.

There are so many reasons in life why you should celebrate your being. The tiniest things you deem insignificant are worth celebrating. Celebrate those little things you have achieved for yourself and the efforts you put in, not just the things you have achieved for the organization you work with and not until you have achieved a big dream. You need not wait for any one to praise and celebrate you before you feel the need to be celebrated. If you do not see the need to celebrate your little achievements who will celebrate you? There is a sense of fulfillment and joy when you take pride in the little things you have achieved for yourself and confidence is gained to achieve more.

My pastor will always say, don't be depressed because you are not married but be glad that you are even of a marriageable age. Don't be sad because you haven't had a child but for the fact that you are married and with your spouse. Don't be sad that you have no shoes but rather rejoice that you even have legs to wear shoes when they are available. You cry for lack of job, but be glad that you are even a potential employee. For those of us who already have a job but crave for a better job with a conducive working environment and a better pay, we ought to be glad that we even have a job in the first place to pay our bills and be responsible people.  You see? for every level you are in at the moment its another person's prayer point so every level we get to at any point in our lives ought to be celebrated.

Don't wait till it's your birthday before you celebrate your being. Don't wait till you graduate before you celebrate. Scaling from one level to another in school is enough reason to celebrate. Every course passed is worth celebrating. Don't wait till you get married before you celebrate your being. Celebrate your single being and every opportunity that comes your way as marriage takes you to another phase in life. Don't wait till you get that mind blowing job before you celebrate the one at hand.  Sometimes, the task set before you could be tough and challenging, but each step you take towards achieving that task not relenting one bit is worth celebrating and as you celebrate each step you become more confident in going further.


SELF RECOGNITION : Get to know who and what you are made of. Realize your worth, potentials and strengths. Know when its your efforts in achieving a thing and celebrate it. You need not wait for anyone to help you recognize your being, strengths or potentials.  Look inward and know the stuff you are made of. Know you are unique and outstanding in all you do and realize the fact that you are in competition with no one. Celebrate your unique personality.

GRATITUDE : Develop a heart of gratitude for every step you take in life. Be grateful and thankful to God for the little achievements so far in life. Be grateful that you have a job to pay your bills and if you have no job, still be grateful to God that you are at the employable stage in life. The more you are appreciative to God, the more reasons you see to be grateful. According to Oprah Winfrey " The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate".
Don't also forget to be grateful to every man God placed your way to help you in one way or the other. A man who feels appreciated by the person he once helped, always feels elated and has the tendency to do more.

ALONE TIME : Create time out of your busy schedule to spend some time alone giving yourself some treat. Your alone time also gives you the opportunity to reflect on life and see how far you have come and those little achievements you've accomplished for yourself. Most times we get so carried away with our busy lives trying to meet one target or the other either for oneself or for organizations that we forget we need to pause to give ourselves the needed attention and care we deserve from no one but us. So in all you do, ensure to create an alone time to have yourself celebrated.

DANCE : Get your dance on in every win. Learn to celebrate with a dance. Dance madly even in the smallest wins like you have won a jackpot or a lottery. Dancing helps you to appreciate life and reduces stress. It make you more energetic and optimistic. You don't need to be in a crowd to dance. You can dance in your closet all by yourself appreciating life.

Do not see you celebrating or praising yourself as being arrogant or proud. According to Thomas J Leonard, the author of "28 laws of attraction", he said " Confidence is knowing exactly what you do well and don't do well; arrogance is a way of covering what you don't do well". Don't wait till you achieve the big wins, learn to appreciate the little wins.

Quote for the day - " Each day offers a reason to celebrate. Find it and experience true bliss". - Amy Leigh Mercree

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