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So many people crave for perfection in their daily lives either at work or in their personal lives consciously or unconsciously. No one wants to deliberately make mistakes and not everyone owns up to mistakes made unintentionally while most people try to deny their flaws at all cost refusing to accept who they are as individuals. For some, they find it difficult to fit in social circles out of fears of not being accepted as a result of their flaws. But then, how do you expect to be accepted by people when you haven't accepted who you are including your flaws? conformity to generality in most cases is as a result of not accepting who you are and that includes your flaws. I might be a motivational blogger but doesn't make me a perfect person. I have my flaws as well as make mistakes but they are part of who I am.

What are our imperfections?
I once heard from a family member in the medical profession that dimples are deformities and when I did a research on it, I found out its actually true but see how that imperfection has turned to a perfection that so many people love, crave for and gives those that have it beautiful smiles. People even fall in love with those that have it. There are imperfections you can change and there are those you can do nothing about but accept and turn them to perfections for you. So what are our imperfections? They are those things we feel awkward about like being too fat or too skinny, we can't sing or dance like others do, we are not out spoken or too forward in life, we have an awkward movement when we walk, find it difficult in comprehending things or it takes us a longer time to understand a thing or two, we make lots of mistakes, we never overcome stage fright and so find it difficult speaking in public ( Yeah, that's me.. when I'm not comfortable with an environment, will have a stage fright at first before I become relaxed), lack of confidence before people and in what we do(I was once this way and still is in certain things) that prevents us in doing and achieving so many things etc. Most times when I write, I keep wanting to seek perfection in my write ups and that in most cases delays me publishing it because each time I come to edit or proofread, there will always be something to correct even when there is none. Seeking perfection or approval from people does not move us forward but rather leaves us where we are, takes us backward or aid procrastination.


IDENTIFY AND ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR FLAWS : There is no such thing as a perfect person hence the common saying "No one is perfect". If there were perfect people we won't be saying "No one is perfect" and the world would have been a very boring place. There won't be stories to tell neither will there be inspirations. In as much as we try to be perfect in our lives and in all we do, we ought to identify, acknowledge and own up to those things that make us feel awkward. Don't try to hide or deny them but accept them as being part of you cause they are part of what makes you unique. There is no nation with same tribe or people with same kind of behavior else there won't be any form of growth in that nation same as you. You won't grow when you try to hide your originality and conforming to what everyone does or claims to be will only stagnate you.

ACCEPT WHAT GOD GAVE TO YOU : Accepting you are made of God and everything within you is of God helps you a great deal and you can use it to make the world a better place. Our imperfections are gifts to us which brings out our originality and authenticity. These imperfections create our own story, inspires people and make us approachable. People easily approach a down to earth person than the one who feels his/legs do no not touch the ground. A great example of who accepted what and who he is and is using what he is made of as human to impact his world touching so many lives is Nick Vujicic who was born without limbs. He has made perfection of his imperfections and today, though without limbs, there is almost nothing Nick can't do that a complete human does. Lisa Nichols is another person who made perfect her imperfections with her motivational talks. She failed English while in school and was once asked by her teacher to never speak in public because she got a D-minus in speech but today, she gives her speech and speaks English in her motivational talks and is known worldwide. She has turned her imperfections to perfections.

REVEAL YOUR IMPERFECTIONS : Hiding your imperfections and acting like you are a perfect person repels people from you while your imperfections draw people to you. You never know who will help perfect your imperfections when you hide your flaws. Your imperfections are more relatable than your perfections cause they make you human than some mystical being. Revealing your imperfections help you shape the world around you and impact lives just like Nick Vujicic and Lisa Nichols. It is your weaknesses when turned into strengths that inspires people and then makes the world a better place.

BE HAPPY : Be happy about who you are and the stuff you are made off. You owe no one any apology or explanation about your kind of person. You are unique in your own way and need not change to please anyone. There is no happiness, improvement, advancement or growth in life when you try to please and be like everyone. Admitting to mistakes made enables you learn better and grow. You are unique and special in your own way mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. There is no single one person here on earth that is like you hence our different stories to tell.

DO THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO : Start doing the things you want to do or dream of doing. There is no perfect time to start until you start now. You don't need to wait for a huge sum of money to start that business but can always start with what you have at the moment. Use the resources at your disposal this very moment to start that dream career or business. You need not people's approval before carrying out your passion out of fear of mistakes or criticisms, you learn from all these and get better with time. You gain more experience and exciting journey in life when you do and make mistakes in the things you want to do.

You might wanna hide your imperfections in order to please or be accepted by the society you live in but always have it mind that when those imperfections finally come out to the open, you will be hated and probably hated for life. I have come to realize that, people love those who are real to themselves despite their flaws. Before you expect people to accept who you are, you must first accept who you are and that includes your flaws. Know that you are unique spiritually, mentally and emotionally despite the billions of people that grace planet earth. Yeah, u are blessed with the gift of an everyday life to perfect those imperfections.

God loves you just the way you are. He Loves you beyond your mistakes and flaws. He loves imperfect people so much that He sent his only begotten son to come die for us (John 3:16) and He sees greater things in you even in your imperfections. " But He said to me," my grace is sufficient is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses so  that Christ's power may rest on me ." 2 Corinthians 12:9.

This write up may not be perfect to some who might think its too long and to some, too short while to others it needs a perfect finishing but for me its just okay and hopefully its gonna be of help to few people and touch a life or two hence its publication while I work daily to perfection with my write ups. The journey to perfection is an endless one yet beautiful.

Quote for the day - " You don't inspire people by being perfect. You inspire them by how you deal with your imperfection."

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