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You are not defined by what you may have gone through, are going through or by what isn't working out for you. You are not your past addictions, failures or mistakes.

Every negative experience you may have gone through does not sum up your life and they are not who you are. They are not even a fraction of the picture of who you are.

In life, we will definitely encounter problems, certain difficulties and challenges but we ought not to let these challenges define who we are. Defining or identifying yourself with the challenges you experience will make it difficult for you to be free from such problems.

Just because you have experienced so many losses in life, does not mean you are a loser. Because you experienced so many failures does not mean you are a failure but if you think you are a loser, then you will always be one and if you think you are a failure, a failure you will always be.

When we begin to see the issues of life not as permanent but as stepping stones towards fulfilling our dreams, we will always get past these problems.

You may not have control over the things that happen to you but you sure have control over how you react to these things and whether you let them define you or not. 

Every thought that sticks to your head is because you gave it permission to be there and any thought that leaves, it's because you commanded it to leave.

Proverbs 4:23 admonishes we keep our hearts with all diligence as the issues of life flows from it. Guarding our hearts is taking responsibility for our mental, emotional and psychological well-being hence the need to be careful of what we let dwell in our hearts for so long.

What you fill your heart with, it's what reflects on the outside and what will eventually control you. If you fill your heart with fear, fear will control you but when your heart is filled with faith, hope, courage and confidence, then you will be able to overcome the difficulties or issues that may come your way.

You are not your issue. Your problem is not your problem neither is your challenge your challenge but how you respond or react towards them. Irrespective of the circumstance you find yourself in, you can still express your unique value.

God sees you as significant. One who is full of life and potentials to be expressed causing positive changes and impacts on individuals and the society at large.

Quote for the day - "The problem is not the problem; The problem is your attitude about the problem." - Jack Sparrow

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