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We live in a day and age where vulnerability is seen as weakness while strength, resilience, perfection and self-reliance it's often glorified.

Too many people pretend to be strong even at their weakest moments to put on a facade. They masquerade their true selves portraying an image of perfection and strength in fear of being judged, rejected, feel ashamed, disappointed or griefed.

Vulnerability is an emotional state that comes with lots of uncertainties. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable. We all go through or experience moments of vulnerability and it's healthy for our well-being.

being vulnerable is consciously choosing to express how you feel about your emotions and your desires not minding what people may say or think of you.

We are no perfect beings neither are we zombies or robots with no feelings or emotions. We rae humans with blood flowing through our veins. We go through different kinds of emotions and are free to express these emotions without fear or favour.

Expressing your vulnerability with the people around you is being true to your authentic self. You show your rough edges irrespective of what people will say or think about you because that is who you are.

For me, If I can't be vulnerable with you nor you with me,  trust me, that relationship is not worth keeping. How do we get to know each other deeply if we can't be vulnerable with each other? How do we then grow the relationship or have a healthy relationship? 

The moment I realize I can't be vulnerable to the person or people I have close relationships with or intend having one with, is the moment I begin to withdraw from the person(s). Not being able to vulnerable gives no room to growth in the relationship(s). It gives no room to truly express one's self.

There is no perfect relationship and there are no perfect people but imperfect people coming together to build a healthy and formidable relationship. There will be moments in every relationship when we become vulnerable but to have a sound relationship, we must understand and accept the vulnerability of the other person. 

In contrast to what people perceived vulnerability to be - as weakness - it is rather a measure courage that allows you to be seen, heard and understood especially by those who are important to you. It deepens and fosters healthy relationships.

Vulnerability helps you see you as you are. It creates room for self-acceptance, gives you the courage to talk about weaknesses, mistakes and honest about your needs with the people you care about and are comfortable with.

Do not be shy to admit your mistakes, seek help when you truly need something and express your displeasure about a thing or anyone. The consequence of being true to yourself and expressing your authenticity to people around you is that, you may be rejected, scorned at or let down but on the positive side of it all is that you become more resilient and formidable baring your flaws and weaknesses.

The beauty of being vulnerable or baring your flaws and weaknesses is that people lose their grip or power over you seeing you are not ashamed to be who you are neither are you scared of expressing your emotions irrespective of what people think or say about you.

It also shows you are alive. You are human filled with different kinds of emotions and you become your authentic self.

Those who appreciate your vulnerability will accept you just the way you are and it helps deepen the connection between you two fostering a healthy relationship. 

                                    BENEFITS OF BEING VULNERABLE

Vulnerability with your significant other or any other person indicates you trust the person with your emotions. This breeds empathy, understanding, growth and closeness in the relationship. It means expressing yourself without fear of being judged.

2. REDUCES CONFLICT : Vulnerability helps to reduce conflicts in every relationship because it breeds understanding, intimacy and closeness towards each other. Understanding how the other person feels about a thing helps reduce conflict as each tries to understand how the other person feels about an action or inaction.

3 ENCOURAGES GROWTH : Vulnerability leads to an incredible journey of growth. In terms of personal growth, vulnerability helps you let go of the fear of rejection, opens you up to trust, enables you share your story, builds your confidence, builds your resilience, creates more self-awareness, helps you understand relationships better, builds your strength and courage. Relationship wise. it fosters love, compassion, intimacy, closeness and helps heal wounds from past traumas.

Vulnerability is a superpower when you let yourself out there without fear of shame or being judged. Be unapologetic of who you are and also encourage the people around you to be vulnerable so you understand them better. Love with the whole of your heart even when there is no guarantee. 

Quote for the day - "Being our messy, imperfect selves helps create a space where others feel safe to be themselves too. Your vulnerability can be a gift to others." -  Brittin Oakman

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