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A story was told about a young boy named Jesse who was put on dishes duty in a monastery.

After serving food to about 100 people, he begins doing the dishes but the more he did the dishes the more the monks brought in plates that it got to about 500 dirty dishes to be done. 

Bewildered Jesse seeing it could take hours to finish the dishes, he asked a monk how many more dishes he would have to wash, and the monk replied "you only have to do one. Just the one in your hand."

Surprised, young Jesse realised how easy and simple it became doing one dish after another on what once appeared to be near impossible to achieve and seemed more like a punishment. 

This is what happens when our goals seem too enormous to achieve. Sometimes, it is pursuing more than one goal at a time because every goal set to achieve for the year seems important.

But we only have to do one after the other and one step at a time. Anything you set your heart to achieve is achievable if you break them into smaller pieces or tasks.

2024 seems to be moving so fast and it would seem like the possibility of achieving our goals is nowhere in sight but we can do this. Don't give up

Like Jesse, when faced with enormous tasks, we begin to think or feel it's impossible. It may look difficult but not impossible to achieve if we only follow the process one step at a time and doing it one after the other. You only have to do just one.

Break your big tasks into smaller chunks, focus on the process of doing one at a time and move on to the next. The process will take you right where you want to be just by taking it one step at a time. This way, you will surely make the most of 2024 

Quote for the day - "Any goal can be achieved if you break it down into enough small parts."

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