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According to the late Jim Rohn, some people face the future with anticipation while most people face it with apprehension. Facing the future with anticipation is having an expectation of how you would want your future to look like while facing the future with apprehension, is having anxieties, doubts and fears about the future. Those who face the future with anticipation are those who have already designed their lives by mapping out goals to achieve for themselves while those who face the future in apprehension are those who would be taking uncertain steps. Same thing apples to the new year as it approaches. You either face the new year with anticipation or you face it with apprehension. So many of us have an idea of what we want to achieve this coming year or where should be be in the coining year but without specific goals or design, we would end up nowhere taking uncertain steps or wrong steps. According to Jim Rohn, if you face the future with apprehension, you let others plan your life for you and so will it be for you, if you face 2020 with apprehension. You will end up living your life for others or live someone else's life. 

How time flies and it's hard to believe that the year is gone already and another year is fast approaching. The new year comes with it new opportunities and challenges in different shapes, forms, colours, ways, times, kinds and sizes but when they come in whichever form, be ready receive them in grace and embrace them for they come with a purpose. The purpose of these challenges and opportunities is to present to us an opportunity(s) to be better persons, improve ourselves, develop our being, reinvent ourselves, discover our true essence, to develop our character, become the best version of us, to grow and to evolve.

It doesn't matter what happened and  did not happen in 2019, what matters most is that life gives you another opportunity to become a better version of you in 2020. The reason why most people would face 2020 with apprehension is probably because they had certain expectations that were not fulfilled in 2019. They had failed in certain areas, goals not achieved, dreams for 2019 not lived etc and as result going through 2020 comes with it fears, doubts, lack of courage, insecurity etc but this ought not to be the case. Each day life gives us, brings with it fresh hope, faith, optimism and the opportunity to start afresh and live life at its best.

One of the best ways to achieve your set goals in 2020 and come out better and stronger is to sit back a while and reflect on how far you have come in 2019. You can never appreciate your present and your aspirations for the future without first appreciating how far you have come. You may not have achieved much in 2019 but you now know better on how to go about your set goals. You have come this far wiser, stronger and more confident emotionally, mentally, spiritually and otherwise. How far you have come helps you to make better and wiser decisions. It gives you a clear picture of how you want your future to look like. How far we have come has taught us useful lessons for the future and reflecting on how far we have come keeps us armed and well prepared for the future with well thought out plans.

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You decide the course of your life and it's direction, so it's important you map out goals for yourself this year and choose the design of your life. No one can choose the design of your life better than you would and even if people have plans for you that seem good in their eyes, according to Jim Rohn, it would amount to "not much".  Set your own goals and make the goals specific; financial goals, spiritual goals, health goals, career goals etc and then map out steps or methods you would take towards achieving or implementing your goals. No matter how little or insignificant these goals might be to you, set them anyway. It is the little steps we take each day that lead to the bigger things we want for life.

God gives to us new opportunities to achieve what we set our minds on and most of these opportunities come through challenges but how well are we ready to embrace and see these challenges as opportunities to grow and make our bones stronger? We all want to go through life smoothly without rough edges but how then do we grow without these challenges? No one likes difficult moments or challenges, no one wants to encounter them but what makes the difference when they come is how you see these challenges and see them as an opportunity to grow stronger. Challenges are  part of life, whether we like them or not.

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The new year will come with both the positive and the negative. Positive in the sense that goals set will be achieved, dreams will be lived, aspirations accomplished, new doors of opportunities opened while the negative could come in form of challenges like the loss of a job, goals not achieved, dreams not lived and everything opposite to the positive. Don't just accept all that comes or turns out good ( the positive) but also accept the challenges that would come as the negative. In most cases, God uses the negative to bring bigger opportunities for you to achieve that big dream or goal set. No matter what happens, remember, it is not what happens on the outside but what happens on the inside. It is not about the external factors that bring us into unpleasant situations or circumstances but how we respond to these situations. You have little or no control about what happens to you or what life throws at you but you have 100% control about how you respond to life's challenges either negatively or positively.

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Do not be scared of what 2020 holds for you but face it and move along with it in optimism, face it with courage, hope, faith and trusting God to make it the best year ever for you. When opportunities come calling be it negative or positive, embrace it and decide the outcome for your life. Irrespective of what happens, just know that only you can design the life you want and only you are the creator of your own destiny.

So, say goodbye to 2019 with pride and with your head held high. Be grateful to God for the lessons learnt, the difficulties and challenges encountered, relationships formed, experiences gained, every win achieved little or big. No one can take away the experiences and the wonderful moments we had in 2019 and all that we got in 2019. You survived 2019 and so will you conquer the challenges 2020 will bring to you. Irrespective of what happened in 2019, we are ready to embrace and receive 2020 with arms opened wide in enthusiasm, optimism, hope and faith. We are not scared of what 2020 might throw at us but ready to face it boldly like a lion without giving in or throwing in the towel in the face of adversity. If you are with me on this say yee! 😄

You are more than a conqueror.

Quote for the day - "When you have already prayed for something, stop doubting. God has heard you and He will answer you." -Anonymous 

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