It is one thing to have your CV (Curriculum Vitae) written yet another thing to be called for an interview after which you land that desired job. Competition for jobs is fierce as we have more unemployed youths everyday. Of recent, a set of Youth Corpers passed out of the Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC) adding to the already many unemployed youths in the country. To make things worse is the emergence of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) which crumbled so many businesses and economies all over the world making it difficult for people to have gainful employment. Due to the virus, so many also lost their jobs increasing the rate of unemployment all over the country and the world at large.  This has led to a reduction in youth employment and a decline in availability of job vacancies leading to a very fierce competition for a job search. In order to stand out from the hundreds of potential applicants, you would need a very powerful CV professionally written by sound professionals.  So man


Have you ever sat down for once to think of yourself as the most important project you would ever have in life?

We are imperfect beings hence the need for constant improvement of ourselves in areas where we need to work on in our lives.

There are so many project ideas in our heads that we want to pursue and achieve in life but we forget that we are our most important project in life.

Trust me, any project outside of you that needs to be pursued, you would need to train yourself well enough to be able to manage that project once achieved else all will go to waste.

You are the centerpiece of any project you have going on in your head or physically. If you fail to improve yourself first, you would fail in succeeding in every other project you set your mind on to achieve. 

Sometimes, you just have to make yourself the focus. There is no better investment you can have than investing in yourself. 

While you pursue other projects, learn to allocate time towards self improvement. You need to identify areas in your life where you need to improve and work on them.

Identify who you are, how you react to things, people, situations or challenges. If you realize you react negatively most times, then you need to work on you daily for a better version of you.

Let's look at some key areas to make a project in your life.

HEALTH : In every of our endeavor in life, if we fail to take care of health and mental state, we would only labor but in vain.

We are most times so carried away with daily hustles and bustles that we forget our health and by the time we realize it, we would have labored in vain without really enjoying all we labored for in life.

Being healthy includes, drinking lots of water, eating the right food, knowing when to eat and when not to eat, knowing when to sleep enough, engaging in exercises etc. 

People get so busy that that they forget to take even a 30 mins walk and this is very helpful. Find time to engage in physical activities.

There are people like me who sit all day at work or in cars which is very bad for our health. In order to compliment much sitting down, engage in exercises, walk around and stand sometimes even at work.

Every morning, before leaving for work, I do some exercises and same some evenings. You too can irrespective of the time you leave for work. All it takes its discipline and determination.

MENTAL GROWTH : So many of us rely solely on our degrees and place of work without thinking to develop our mental health outside what we studied in school and the jobs we do.

One major way to make yourself a project is to continually engage your mind. Learn new things, skills, how to cook dishes other than your local delicacies of what you grew up with.

Read more books that develop your mind, take classes especially online on other fields. There might be areas of concern in life or questions you would like to find answers too, it would be of great help if you surf the net and read books about such. 

This would help clear your mind, improve your knowledge about things, give you an open mind to things and make you more enlightened in life.

There is nothing as powerful as gaining knowledge and the only way to achieve this is reading often and as much as you can.

There are different kinds of books to read ranging from inspiration, motivation, spiritual, adventures, history, comic, detective, mystery and so many others. 

Reading such books will ether improve the skills you already have or make you gain more skills.

DREAMS AND VISIONS : Everyone of us have dreams and visions that God has ordained us to live and create impact in the lives of people. A man without dreams isn't living but just existing.

Your dream is a positive mental picture of your future - where you want to be in the future, what you want to become in life  and what you want to have in the nearest or distant future. 

Unfortunately, there are so many people who do not even know what their dreams are, they just live life everyday as it comes with no goal or purpose. 

People without dreams tend to follow the crowd because they have no vision of their own but tend to live other people's dreams climbing the ladder of these people. By the time they realize it, they are way up the ladder with so much time and energy wasted. 

For you to live a purposeful life here on earth, you've got to identify your dream which will give birth to your vision in life

Some ways through which you can identify your dream is  identifying your passion, skills, talents etc. What is that thing that you do that gives you joy and a sense of fulfillment? Identify it, pursue it and start living it.

There is also another set of people who actually know what their dreams and visions are but are scared of living it for fear of criticism, failure, being mocked, laughed at and time duration of actually actualizing or living this dream.


Some gave up on their dreams due to past failures and are scared of living it again in order not have same experience.

As a motivational blogger and speaker, I had events where I spoke and did very well but went for another one where I flopped and messed up big time before a large crowd of people when I had had some successful events before that. 

This was enough for me to give up in my speaking career because the embarrassment was not something to think of or remember how much more talking about it.


It took me some time to get over it but while trying to get over it, I was still preparing for another event and at the same time working on myself by searching if successful speakers ever experienced this and how they overcame such experience and trust me, lots of them had similar experience.

I worked on me, learnt how to do it better, worked on my stage fright which still comes up, but have learnt how to manage it and after that, I have spoken on other events too successfully.

So, Imagine me giving up, I wouldn't have known better, I wouldn't have become a better version of me and I wouldn't have known how far I would have gone in my career.

Failing is part of your growth process. You can make yourself your only project on how to deal with failures when you experience them. They teach vital lessons for a lifetime.

Failures are unpleasant experiences for sure but we can overcome them when we learn how to see them as part of our growth process and deal with them as such.

No man was born successful but we all work our ways to be successful in life. I will always say to people, the number of times you fall or fail does not make you a failure but staying on the ground and remaining defeated is what makes you a failure.


SOCIAL LIFE : So many of us do not really have social lives like me. We are so much engrossed in our jobs and personal career that we fail to find time to relax with friends once in a while. 

We also find it difficult to engage in other activities other than our jobs and careers. There are so many other activities like sports, social gatherings etc that we can engage in to keep our social lives going.

If you lack a social life, start by connecting with old friends, neighbors, colleagues, church members etc and begin to create a social life with these people else you would stale😊

RELATIONSHIPS : By the time you start having a social life, being nice and polite to people around you or that you come across, some sort of relationships and bonds will begin to form.

I am that kind of person that knows almost everybody and almost everybody knowing me but close to to almost none. 

We need to sometimes get close to people and form certain bonds because, whether we like it or not, we need people to grow even negative minded people help you grow in life. 

But of vital importance is learning how to relate with people whether you are close to them or not. Learn how to have good rapport with the people you meet everyday as you never know where you would meet again.


Whether you are close to a person or not, learn to have a honest relationship with whoever you come across with and not one of manipulation, having your way all the time or always receiving but of one where you create an impact in the life of the other person leaving a mark for life.

In forming relationships, ensure to be of value to everyone you come across with by giving your time, love, care, knowledge, money etc. 

This enables you leave a positive impact in people and this should be your utmost desire - leaving a mark in the sands of time even for generations to come.


Quote for the day - " There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self." - Aldous Huxley 


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