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Life in all of its beauty and complexities can be unpredictable. Every day of our lives, we go through so many problems or challenges economically, financially, emotionally, academically and otherwise. These challenges do not define us but how we act, react or respond to these challenges.

While there are people who tend to crumble under the pressure of challenges or adversities, there are those who seem to remain calm not because they are not affected in anyway but because they choose to stay resilient in the face of challenges with a calm demeanor knowing they have an inner strength to face and overcome these challenges. 

I have come to a stage in life where I have mastered the the art of acting like nothing bothers me. I have learned to let go of things beyond my control and move on like nothing has happened or is happening.

Right now, in almost every economy, especially the Nigerian economy, the hike in commodities is outrageous. Not even the basic amenities for the Nigerian citizen is made available or affordable for the common man.

People are barely surviving and going through a lot just to make ends meet. Not even the cheapest food is affordable right now. Garri, a staple food in Nigeria usually referred to as "the poor man's food" can no longer be classified as such as it is no longer affordable even for the perceived poor man. Infact, right now, it is said "There is no poor man in Nigeria again." since everyone - whether rich or poor -is feeling the heat of the harsh economy.

But like I say to customers who come to the office to renew their cable subscription and complain of the increase or hike in the economy, our complaints may not change a thing in the economy but how we react to the adverse changes in the economy can negatively or positively impact our mental and emotional health but if we begin to learn to act like nothing bothers us and trust God to provide our every need per time, we will scale through the rough edges.


1. HAVE A MINDSHIFT : The first step to acting like nothing bothers you I believe is having a mind shift from the negative to the positive. The mind is the lense through which we view the world. Having a positive mindset towards difficulties or challenges gives you clarity of thought and the composure needed to face and overcome every challenge rather than crumble under its pressure. Having a mindshift from the negative to the positive builds your resilience in the face of these difficulties. Fill every negative thought with positive thoughts. Believe you can go through difficult moments and come out of them better and stronger.

REFRAME YOUR PERSPECTIVE : Perspective is everything in our lives. Program your mind to look for the good in every situation. What if these difficult moment is teaching you how to delay gratification, to be prudent, patient, resilient and hopeful even in the face of adversities. See these challenging times as new beginnings and forms of growth than being in despair. Instead of seeing the situation as bringing you down, see it as way of taking you up in every area of your life.

2. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE : The best way to act like nothing's bothering you is harnessing the power of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is having the ability to understand and manage your emotions and that of others. It is being aware of how your emotions affect your thoughts and actions and to also learn how to control these emotions than letting them control you. While your emotions will always want to make you act on impulse or make you be in a hurry to act, emotional intelligence will make you pause and think before acting. As we continue to develop our emotional intelligence, we not only enhance our capacity and ability to overcome challenges, we also become a strong supportive system for others. 

3. SELF AWARENESS : Self awareness is said to be cornerstone to emotional intelligence. It plays a key role in how we manage difficult situations in our lives. According to Oxford Language, self awareness is the "conscious knowledge of one's character, feelings motives and desires." Being self aware is having the ability to objectively evaluate yourself , manage your emotions and ensure your actions at difficult moments align with your values. Self awareness can be a challenging process especially when navigating through difficult emotions or certain truths about the present moment but can be achieved. 

4. ACCEPT AND RECOGNIZE THE REALITY OF THE MOMENT : Living in denial of difficult moments can do more than good  to us. You have to acknowledge that these challenges exist but you don't let them dominate you. While we may not have control over the things that happen to us or do occur to us, we have total control on how we respond to them. You do not need to suppress your emotions or feign strength but develop an inner fortitude and a composure that stays intact despite the seemingly difficult situations we find ourselves in.

5. LEARN TO ADJUST : Adjusting to sudden changes can be be difficult. These changes can test our sanity, patience and tolerance but be that as it may, we can always learn to adjust to changes or unfavourable situations. In Order to keep sane, we have to pull ourselves up and try to stay above the waters and to achieve this, we need to embrace the change that has come to enable us adjust emotionally, financially, psychologically and otherwise.

Going through difficult moments or challenges are a common part of life. We go through them at every stage of life hence the need to develop coping skills to navigate through such moments and one way to do that is acting like nothing bothers you.

Quote for the day " Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind."

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