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Life happens to us all. After careful planning of what we want in life and where we would like to go to, then comes the inevitable detours charting the course of our lives and in turn causing a redirection.

Life's road is not a straight path most of the time and we often get to the best destination in life due to unexpected turns encountered along the way.

There will always be challenges, obstacles, struggles and unexpected detours in life but how you face these inevitable challenges is what matters the most.

How you face them will reveal your strengths or weaknesses, resilience or vulnerability, maturity or immaturity.

As humans, we make plans, set goals and direct our lives towards these set goals and plans but when we think we have made the perfect plan with hopes of meeting or reaching these goals, life suddenly encounters a detour - takes a new turn, goes off-course and pushed off-track.

Detours occur in life when things don't turn out as planned or take a different turn from what we had expected or hoped. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a detour is "a deviation from a direct course or the usual procedure." 

These detours can make you take longer time to reach your goals or destination, they might make you do things you never intended to do, they may make you see things you never wished to see but they also present opportunities for you to learn new skills, give you fresh and more beautiful ideas to go about your set goals, they help expand your horizon, they make you see life from a better point of view, they present to you new relationships, they come as adventures giving you a whole new experience in life from what you are use to.

I am presently working on a personal project that I had planned to be through with even before the middle of the year but there has been some delays and detours but what is most interesting about this is that, while in the delay, I have learnt even more things, the work is coming out better and brighter than I had thought, I have gained more ideas and insights on how to go about it, my horizons concerning the project has also expanded.

Detours will sometimes leave us no option than to yield, but when we accept these detours with a calm and positive mindset, we would realize that they are opportunities in disguise. They give us the opportunity to have a reset of attitude, ideas and a better plan ahead. 

Whenever there is a traffic jam or some form of road construction, there are usually detours that give us new directions that would still lead us to our destination even though they take a longer time than the usual time. So it is in life's journey.

Detours may cause some form of delays and make us take extra time to reach our desired goals in life but they eventually take us to the desired destination if we stay focused on the end goal while enjoying every scene these detours bring our way in the course our journey in life.

I have experienced so many roadblocks, setbacks and certain challenges that led to detours in my life that seemed so uncomfortable and inconvenient at the time but turned out great at the end.

Detours will always occur in life's journey and they come in different forms and sizes but they also come with vital lessons, opportunities and experiences that enrich our lives.

They may not be easy to accept but we must learn to embrace them and seek opportunities inside of them instead of focusing on the inconveniences they cause.

I have come to realize in life that there is always a way out of any problem we encounter even detours. Therefore, we must learn how to embrace these detours and see them from a positive point of view as difficult as that may be yet not impossible.

No one is immune from these unexpected detours in life and they are never convenient but instead of feeling confused, lost, anxious and disorganized in detours, stay calm and focused on the set goal or destination. 

Detours may pose the greatest risks but they also offer the greatest potential for growth and improvement. 

Cut yourself some slack anytime you come across detours. You may fall apart, you may experience certain failures, betrayals, hurtful words but always get back up putting one foot ahead of the other and keep moving on with your head held high.

When you do this, you will gain more experience, learn vital lessons, gain more wisdom and new ideas, you will be more aware of your reactions as against future detours but most of all, you will become a role model to those around you who saw how resilient and mature you are in handling life's unexpected detours thereby creating positive impacts in the lives of these people. 


Quote For The Day - "The very next time life forces you to alter your course in your day, look for the hand of God in that. It may turn out to be the best day of your life.

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