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Rejection is an emotional trauma that we all go through at some point in our lives one way or the other. Rejection when it happens, leaves us dejected and emotionally drains us making us to want to give up in life or in what ever dream we ever had to pursue in life.

So many singles have decided not to date again or date the wrong way because they were once rejected. Some people have given up on themselves because they were rejected at an interview or were rejected ( sacked) from their places of work. Some have given up on their dreams because of so many failed attempts to achieve their dreams.
Some people have given up offering solutions to situations at work as a result of rejection making them feel like their opinions  do not count and left intimidated.

How you see rejection depends on you. You can either see it as a curse or a blessing.
When rejected by a group of people, a person, company or your work place, then know you don't belong there and don't need to associate with such people. If the person you are dating rejects you for some reasons or no reason at all, then know that you don't belong in that person's life and neither does he/she in your life.

Rejection most times come in form of favours or blessings in disguise. The person or company rejecting you today is actually doing you a favour in redirecting you to your blessings.
The guy or lady who rejects you today is directing you to the one who is worth your love. The company rejecting you today is directing you to either a better job or an opportunity to better explore and start up your own business or company no matter how little you start.

It doesn't matter why you were rejected, what matters is how you see yourself in God's light and how you react towards the rejection. People reject you based on their opinions about you but that is simply their own opinion which isn't what you are. What God says about you is what should count and matter in your life. Do not let people's opinion of you define you.

Jesus was rejected by so many people. He was rejected by the so called religious people seen as the Pharisees. He was even rejected by his home town, Nazareth but that did not define who He was/is. The rejection and opinion of others did not define Him and did not stop Him from accomplishing His mission. Knowing what He was set to accomplish here on earth, He stayed true to His mission despite the obstacles placed on His path to destiny fulfillment.

In Genesis 39, Joseph was rejected betrayed and abandon by his brothers whom he loved so much but unknown to them, they rejected him and directed him into his blessings and destiny.
Learn to see beyond rejection and try to see God at work in your life.

Rejection is God's own way of protecting you. It is God saying you are with the wrong set of people, it is God saying you are in the wrong company, it is God telling you, you are in the wrong relationship and it is God saying it's time to move on.
It can be devastating when being rejected but more devastating when you take rejection the wrong way and refuse to see beyond it.

Just because you were rejected or feel rejected does not mean your life holds no importance. It rather gives you new opportunities to do better and be better.
Instead of feeling dejected when rejected, ask God to take you through the right path and bring the right people into your life.

There are even people who are scared to explore or express the gift in them for fear of rejection. Before you give up on yourself for fear of rejection or after being rejected,  ask your self who you are and what God says about you. Do these to overcome rejection:

  • If you have a dream or an idea you want to see come to pass, then pursue that dream and never settle for less. 

If you have watched the movie " Acrimony " you would see that, the main  lead in the movie, Robert Gayle never  gave up on his  dreams even if it took   him years to accomplish. He was rejected  and even offered some money he felt wasn't good enough for his  dreams, yet he did not give up until he hit it big. Do not let people's opinion deter you from achieving your dreams.

  • Rejection is not easy to take in but can be turned into blessings. If you were rejected today, take some time out to pray, meditate and do some exercises.  This will help revitalize your soul and open your mind to better ideas which will enable you do better.

  • Instead of focusing on the rejection of people, set you mind focused on your dream or goal. Where do you want to be in a number of years to come? what do you want to achieve in a number of years to come? If you have the answers to those questions then start working towards achieving your set goals. Let the rejection be a booster that propels you into achieving your dreams. Create healthy mantras for yourself that are in line with your dreams. Have the mantras with you or close to you always to daily remind you of what you want and who you are when ever you face rejections.
  • Develop the right attitude and mentality towards rejection. Like I earlier stated, you either see rejection as a curse or a blessing. The healthiest way to see rejection is to see it as a blessing. Know that God never said there won't be difficult times ahead but He promised to be with us through the difficult times ahead. So if people reject you, do not take it too personal. Let that be their problem and not yours. Do not let the rejections get to your self esteem. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Not everyone will  like or accept you for who you are and that doesn't matter. 
It might not be easy to achieve a set goal as we may stumble against many challenges on the way of which rejection is one of such challenges, doesn't mean we should give up on our dreams. We have all been given opportunities to achieve our dreams. Just because we face rejections almost on daily basis does not mean we should stop dreaming or planning. Rejection rather brings us closer to God and propels us into our glorious destinies.

Quote for the day - "Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better". Dr. Steve Maraboli

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