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What's the definition of beauty to you? Do you feel beautiful enough all by yourself or until you are told?

It is commonly said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

How do you behold your own beauty before someone else does?

The society is so filled with different definitions and standards of what beauty should be and what it should not be. 

According to society's standard of beauty, a man should be well built with six pack and at least six feet tall. 

A woman is suppose to be at least thin or slender with the looks of a model, well curved with a tiny waist.

People have been so programmed by society's definition of beauty that they have lost touch of who they truly are and how beautiful they really are.  

Society's definition or standard of beauty can make one feel insecure or inadequate. It can make you begin to compare yourself to those perceived to have these qualities than you do.

And then we have the social media that plays a major role in glorifying society's standard of beauty that we find it difficult to see the actual beauty of a person except the external features. 

Social media has consumed most of our lives that we find it difficult to live by our own definition of beauty. 

We tend to seek acceptance from followers through likes and comments before we know how beautiful we are and when the comments or likes are not enough as expected, we begin to feel or think we are not appealing enough.

We have become so self-absorbed on social media that we let its presence define us and who we truly are. 

We have become so concerned about our body appearance that we forget what the body can actually do for us or actually does for us.

We forget that the body when in sound health allows us  travel, takes us to our business or work places and enables us try new experiences.

Until we stop allowing society define who we are and how beautiful we are, we would never feel good about who we are and truly appreciate God for making us the way he did. 

If you keep chasing after society's standard of beauty then you would never be happy about who you are. You would keep working hard to conform to society's standard of beauty.

It is insecurity of who we are and how we look that has led so many people into different kinds of surgery.

People go for plastic surgeries and get nose jobs done just to look beautiful in accordance with world's standard of beauty more like saying that God who created you did not know what he did or that he made a mistake. God makes no mistakes.

Some who went in to do these surgeries never came out alive, some never came back the same way they went in and are living in total regret for surgery gone wrong while those who came out fine and got what they actually wanted I hear have to keep up with maintenance every now and then and at all cost.

God knew what he did when he created you. If he wanted you tall, he would have made you tall, if he wanted you short he would have done it. 

If he wanted you busty with bigger hips, he would have and if he wanted you fair or dark he would have. He makes no mistake because he is the all perfect God.

That's how God wants you to be and live despite what society says about you. What matters most is what God says about you.

You only need God's validation to know that you are beautifully, wonderfully and fearfully made by him. 

He created and loves you just the way you are. Doing otherwise it's like saying He made a mistake with you.

There is nothing as being beautiful when you are your true self, confident of who you are in and out, living life in your own terms, running your own race and maintaining your lane at your own pace.

You do not need to be like anyone to feel beautiful. You don't need to climb up the ladder of others to feel accepted or gain the validation of others before you can feel good about yourself. 

You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Be you and be your iconic self. Live your own story so you can tell your story and not someone else's.

Do not let society define your beauty for you. Just be you and just as Shakespeare said "To thine own self be true."

You can never really feel beautiful or good about you when you are not true to yourself but rather, you would keep working hard to be beautiful in the eyes of others when you are suppose to be at peace with yourself, feeling good and beautiful about you. 

Define what beautiful means to you and have your own perception of beautiful without having the need to compare yourself to others you perceive to be more beautiful than you are.

By the time you do all that you can to look beautiful in the eyes of others and then something takes that away, what would become of you? would you lose your self esteem and your inner you?

Kechi, a survivor of the 2005 Sosoliso plane crash is one perfect example who never lost sight of who she really and truly is from the inside despite the physical damage done to her outer self due to the fire from the crash.

She defiled all odds despite her looks to appear on America's Got Talent to show the world how beautiful she is showcasing her talent as an amazing singer.

Despite the physical damage done to her skin, she still goes about life being herself, living her life and dreams to the fullest and today, she is an inspiration and a source of motivation to so many people who feel lost or insecure about who they are. 

I also watched a clip from Britain's Got Talent of recent and came across a group of people - mostly kids - called Sign Along With Me.

Most of these kids are deformed from birth. Some unable to talk, walk and some other kinds of deformities but proved to the world how beautiful they are just the way they are.

They sang a song This Is Me depicting how beautiful they are despite the way they look. With their performance, they proved beauty is not found on the outside but from within and what you can do with yourself.

Instead of focusing on people's definition of you, focus on your strength, your unique qualities, skills, talents, potentials and the things you can readily bring to the table.

If possible, write down all these great gifts and qualities God has given to you and look at them each time you feel you are fighting against the world's definition of beauty.

Know that you are powerful, magnificent, adorable, lovable, wonderful, incredible and perfectly beautiful just the way you are in and out.

Embrace who you truly are and appreciate all that God has made you to be. Appreciate the body he has given you and what it can do for you irrespective of how it appears and what society says. 

Quote for the day - "God defined beauty when he made you! You are beautiful, you are a true beauty just the way you are! 

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