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There will always be voices in our heads directly or indirectly saying how not good enough we are for a person, a thing, a job or even the slightest or simplest of opportunities we come across.

And in most cases, these voices come to our heads when we don't get what we so desire or when things don't go as planned. Sometimes, these voices come as a result of mistakes made or failures experienced.

There are people who will either speak directly or indirectly to you negatively all in a bid to fill your head with negative thoughts about how not good enough you are or not worthy enough.

Sometimes, all what these people try to do is to bring you down to their level but just putting their voice in your head.

Life doesn't and won't always give us what we want and there is no such thing as a perfect life. 

We only strife to become better versions of ourselves everyday. This gives meaning and adds beauty to life.

Even when life gives us what we want, it may not be at the time we want it but just at the perfect time.

We all approach life from our own lens, built out of experiences and expectations. 

If someone doesn't value you, or that what you had hoped for did not come out as expected doesn't mean you aren't worthy to be loved or that you are not good enough to have what you desire.

You don't need people's validation to get ahead in life but God's validation.

These negative voices are nothing but just dramatic voices that only make noise with no impact. There is too many noise in the world through voices that will try to prevent you from doing your thing or live the life God intended you to live.

I have decided not to let these negative voices win the war over me and I hope you won't let them too because no matter how hard they try, there is always the voice of truth in your head also if only you are patient enough not to given in to the negative voices.

These negative voices may be more and louder than than the voice of truth but it always prevails if only you take the time to listen. 

The voice of truth is that still small voice that whispers to us that we deserve much better than we know or think no matter how many times we fall or fail and that voice is God's voice which prevails over every other voice that speaks otherwise.

Even as the year comes to an end, there will be negative voices in your head trying to point out all your failures and mistakes made in the year.

The negative voices will also bring to your face dreams and goals you had envisioned to achieve but was unable to.

These negative voices will also point the achievements of your contemporaries to you just to make you feel like a failure.

But the voice of truth which prevails over every other voice will always say to you that you are not a failure but a success.

It will tell you that every negative experience is only meant to make you stronger and bring out the best in you.

The voice of truth tells you that there is time for everything and time for everyone hence no need comparing yourself with others who seem to have gone way ahead of you.



Recognize that these negative voices exist and will always be there. It's only when you recognize their presence that you can adequately deal with them.

Recognize they will always be there to compete with the voice of truth but it depends on you to decide on which voice to listen to and which not to listen to. You decide which voice should prevail in your head.

It becomes much easier to deal with these voices once you recognize their presence but above all also recognize the voice of truth. 


One best way to overcome these negative voices is to overwhelm them with positive thoughts. You can always counter and conquer every negative voice with a negative thought. It starts from the inside.

If the voice says you are not good enough, you counter it by saying I even deserve better. If it says you are failure, shut it up by saying how successful you are.

Counter these negative voices with what God has said concerning you and not what they say in your head. 

Search the scriptures concerning every negative word and you will always find the right words that will motivate you to keep on keeping on.


When these negative voices crop up, learn to counter them by speaking to yourself. I do this all the time especially in the mornings while getting ready for work as I look into the mirror.

Your positive thoughts should not just stay in your head. They should also proceed out of your mouth. With the words of your mouth will you be able to overcome the negative voices (Revelation 12:11).

When the negative voices come to tell me things not good for me, I try to counter them by telling myself that God has the best for me, I am going to make it and so on and so forth. You too can speak to yourself this way.

When we learn to look ourselves in the mirror and keep speaking to us daily the negative voices will find little or no room in our heads to get to us. Even when they come, it becomes easy to wave them off.

Also learn to develop positive mantras for yourself that you can always use to counter these negative voices.

For instance, when a negative voice says you can't do it, you can use these words from the Bible "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13) as a mantra to counter that voice.


Just because there are negative voices trying to tell you otherwise does not mean you let that beautiful dream  die. 

Let your dreams keep serving as a motivation to you irrespective of these voices or the prevailing circumstance you find yourself in.

Your dreams are still alive in you. They are not dead but waiting to find full expression in you. They are waiting to be made manifest through you, so don't let the negative voices tell you otherwise.

The more you picture your dreams, the more you are able to quell the negative voices and the more you are eager to pursue these dreams and goals.

These dreams  are waiting for an expression from you. They are waiting to be made manifest through you. They are not dead.


I hardly leave the house without playing and singing praises to God every morning. This sets the tone of  the day for me.

It keeps me light and lifts every weight and worry off my shoulder and  silences the voice of the enemy and every other negative voice.

Praise brings God's presence to you. It helps shift your focus to God and off the worries and the negative voice.

When you are in God's presence through praise, every negative voice is silenced and the only voice that prevails is the voice of truth which is the voice of God.

There is no morning that I get into praise for God that I don't get inspirations or messages. There is always a word for me to take with me for the day as I step out to go about my daily activities. 

A life of praise takes away every form of self pity, fears and doubts. It rather builds our faith and hope in God.

Giving God praise irrespective of the circumstance or the negative voices in your head, changes your outlook, perspective and vision from the negative to the positive. 

Dwelling on the negative thoughts and voices can make them become louder than even your own voice and sense of reasoning.This can interrupt your productivity for the day.

Learning the art(s) of silencing every negative voice that comes to you directly or indirectly can be more impactful and healthier for you.

Quote for the day - "One you place negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will start having positive results."  - Willie Nelson.

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