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24th of July every year is a day set aside to promote, support and encourage self-care practice. This day is always known or refereed to as the International Self-Care Day (ISD).

It is a day set aside to create awareness and focus on the the importance and benefits of self care.

The date 24th July symbolizes the importance and benefits of self-care  24 hours a day and seven days a week (24/7).

So many people think of self care as just eating good food (even junk sometimes), going to the spa, having facial treatment and so on but while all these might be good and related, its not all there is to self-care.

Self-care is the conscious act or effort we put in taking care of our over all health. It encompasses our total well being which includes our physical health, mental health, social health, emotional health as well as your spiritual health. 

Everyone of us alive are active beings that should take care of our health in every way possible.

In the hustle and bustle of life, trying to make ends meet and succeeding in our various endeavors, so many of us forget to take some time to practice self care.

While it is always encouraged on the 24th of July every year, it shouldn't be something we do once a year but as often as we can because its benefits are life long.

Therefore, we ought to squeeze in time from our busy schedules every now and then to practice self-care.

Lets take a look at the different aspects of our over health and how to practice self-care as it relates to each one of them.

PHYSICAL HEALTH : There is a strong connection between the body and the mind. 

How well you eat, how much sleep you get and how much physical activities you engage in will determine how well you function from the mind to the body.

Like they say "You are what you eat." This is really true. When you eat trash, your inside will feel like trash and you will give out trash. 

What you eat whether you like it or not plays a vital role to your over all health physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise.

How you eat affects your thinking faculty, how you feel, your emotions and also affects your spiritual life whether you like it or not. 

For instance, when you eat well and good, you can pray and mediate effectively but if the reverse is the case, trust me, you would doze off even before the prayer begins.

Your Physical health also involves engaging in exercises that will help keep you fit and smart at all times. 

This is part of my morning and evening ritual every day. I work out every morning and evening

The morning exercise kind of sets the the tone and keeps you fit mentally and physically for the day while the evening workout stretches your muscles and nerves after a long day and makes you sleep just fine.

Engaging in exercises has a way of boosting your health and confidence. You feel good at the end of the day and like it is said "any exercise is better than no exercise at all."

It is also said that those who add exercise to their daily routine enjoy a better sleep than those who do not. I can testify of this.

Simple chores at home can also help to boost your physical health instead of sitting in one place all day long and having someone do it all for you.

SOCIAL HEALTH : Ensure to have a social life as well. Your relationship with people and relatives matters a lot to your well being.

If you fail to have good relationship with people around you, you won't be able to give your best neither will you feel good about yourself.

Imagine having issues or not in talking terms with the people around, you will always be moody, angry and sad for no reason. There is no joy in that at all.

But when the reverse is the case, there is this joy and happiness that radiates through you from the inside and affecting those around you positively.

No matter how busy you get or always are, you can always squeeze out time for your social connections.

MENTAL HEALTH : Your mental state or well being is of crucial importance  in your self care practice. 

Whatever you feed your mind with, is what you will ditch out. They say "garbage in, garbage out"

You will do your mental health well when you feed it with things that will make it sharp and active. 

Such things include reading innovative and inspiring books, listening to good music, watching inspiring movies and engaging in games that put the mind at work such as Puzzles, Scrabbles, Chess, Sudoku, Cross word, Spelling bee  and so many others.

Your mental health also includes being compassionate, accommodating etc. How you take care of your mental health will determine your psychological well being as well.

SPIRITUAL HEALTH : Spiritual self care can not be overemphasized. It includes daily prayer, mediation  and the studying of  God's word.

Joshua 1:8 says "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth, but thou shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein, for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then thou shall have good success."

Spiritual self care improves your over all well being while bringing you closer to God everyday as well as improve your relationship with Him.

EMOTIONAL HEALTH : Your emotional well being is no exception when it comes to practicing self care. 

It is very vital that you learn to develop coping skills to deal with moments of anger, anxiety, stress, unhappiness and any other thing that could make you feel uncomfortable.

Life doesn't always give us what we want, neither does it always go as planned. So when life gives us an unexpected turn, we must learn to cope with it so we don't get emotionally down and depressed.

For instance, to protect your emotional health, it's not everything you react to even when people throw shades at you.

I came across a video on Tik Tok that says, "Never respond to shade. Always remember, you won the moment, they become bothered."

Quote for the day "Self care is giving the world the best of you , instead of what is left of you." - Katie Reed 

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