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Last week's post was on Celebrating Your Little Wins and why you should celebrate them. You can read that here Celebrate Your Little Wins

In this week's post, we would be looking at how to celebrate your little wins. 

Some people do not celebrate their little wins because they do not just know how but do not recognize these little wins.


1. REALIZE/NOTICE THE SMALL WINS : Instead of focusing on the errors, mistakes or failures, focus on those little things you succeeded at. Focus on your strength to pull through the challenge.

If for instance, your goal is to loose weight and you know that you need to work out consistently. Each day you successfully do a work out is a small win to recognize and celebrate.

Or you probably have a goal to save a particular amount before the year runs out and every month you are able to save certain amount in order to reach your bigger goal is worth recognizing and celebrating.

It could also be that you need to read a certain number of books a month but the fact that you were able to read just a page of a book daily is worth recognizing.

It might seem like nothing is being done or that success is far from you, but the little things you do everyday takes you closer to your dreams.

2. BE GRATEFUL : Stay and remain grateful for every step taken successfully. This keeps you excited and happy for every win and the more you are happy, the more you are motivated to forge ahead irrespective of the challenges.

Each time you are able to complete a workout session, be grateful that you were able to do it and get excited about it. 

This will keep you motivated to do more and the more you are motivated to do more, the closer you get to your dreams.

3. TESTIFY ABOUT YOUR SMALL WINS : I believe there is no way you will get excited about your little wins and not speak about them.

For every little win achieved, speak about it. Tell who ever cares to listen about it. This is so much me. 

I speak of every little good thing that happens to me. It might sound insignificant or childish to some ears but for me, its a big thing.

The more you speak and testify abut your little wins, the more you see the possibility of reaching the bigger goal. 

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks or says, always speak of your little wins and celebrate them.

4. CREATE YOUR HABITS/DAILY ROUTINE : One major way to recognize and celebrate your little wins that will eventually lead to achieving the bigger goal is to create daily habits.

Daily habits such as working out everyday, writing everyday or having a daily or monthly savings will enable you recognize your little wins and celebrate them. 

For instance, One of my major goal is to see this blog reach out to so many people all over the world but in order to achieve this, I need to create a daily habit of writing down something and publish.

Though I publish weekly, but I ensure everyday I put down a word or two to form up an article for the week. 

Sometimes, due to writing just a line everyday, I end up writing out two or more articles 

Without our daily habits, it would be difficult to recognize and celebrate our little wins, how much more reaching the bigger goals.

I have a time consuming job that takes the whole day, but in between, I find time to write. 

I also have a goal of reading at least a book monthly but how do I do this with a time consuming job?

I make sure I wake up earlier than I use to and read for 15-30 minutes every morning before going out. Y

our daily habits are like mapped out plans that serve as a path way to reach your dream or goal.

You need to be doing something strategically and intentionally everyday to work on yourself and improve your skills

Your daily habits get you prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow and when preparation meets opportunity, its called success.

Anything you want to do well, you have to do often. That is why it is said that we succeed at what we do consistently.

You may not see where your daily routine is leading you at the moment but it will eventually lead you to your good land.

When you prepare today, you would be better off tomorrow.

5. LIVE IN THE MOMENT : In the pursuit of the bigger dream or goal, we take for granted the present and forget to recognize the little wins.

We downplay our everyday activities because we feel they have little or no impact on us reaching our major goal.

We tend to forget that this daily activities mold and shape us daily. Thy change our outlook or perspective for the better and build our character. 

Never take for granted what you do in the present because they are what brings you closer to your dreams eventually.

In trying to read a book monthly, the more I read 15-30 minutes every morning, the more it brings me closer to completing the entire book. 

There are days I read for just 15 minutes but those few minutes impart and create impacts in my life in ways unimaginable and bring me closer to the end of the book as well. 

6. REWARD YOURSELF : For every little win achieved, learn to reward yourself. God did not just celebrate His wins (Genesis 1:1-31), but He also rewarded Himself by resting on the seventh day (Genesis 2:1-3).

I do this often. Each time I complete a task or a write up, especially one that looked insurmountable, I stand up, stretch myself and then get some rest to regain myself from the stress.

You too can do this. Rewarding yourself does not mean something elaborate but the simplest of things can rejuvenate your spirit, soul and body.

A simple stretch, walk, meal, wine, cold or warm bath are all forms of rewarding one's self from achieving small tasks.

Recognizing and celebrating your small wins every now and then can boost your inner being into doing more despite the challenges or difficulties faced.

Don't just notice the errors, mistakes or failures but take note of your everyday little wins. 

They have the power to keep you strong, make you stay motivated, inspired and help you forge ahead.

Keep doing what you do to reach your goal even if it seems insignificant, despite the mistakes, failures or challenges.

Never loose sight of your vision or dream because the moment you do, you loose touch of your being and essential purpose in life. 

No wonder Proverbs 29:18a says "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Your vision is what keeps you focused and keeps you going.

Quote for the day - "Don't try to rush progress. Remember..A step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Keep believing." - Kara Goucher  

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