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Mother's day is a day set aside every year to celebrate mothers for their unconditional love, support, sacrifices and maternal bonds but we all know that mothers ought to be celebrated every day for all they go through and do to keep the home running.

The first sacrifice a woman makes is dropping her father's name to bear her husband's name, after which she makes the home of her husband heaven on earth. Despite knowing the risks involved with pregnancy, she looks forward to it and gladly becomes pregnant.

There are women who go through one form of challenge all through the period of pregnancy, others experience challenges at the early stage, while some go through the period of pregnancy itch free.

Now, at the point of delivery, we all know that, not every woman who goes into the delivery room comes back alive or the same way they went in.

While some give birth to their children with ease, some go through hours of labour before they bring forth the child while some go through cesarean section to bring forth a child, leaving a scar on them.

For instance, my mum gave birth to four of us (three boys and me). She gave birth to the three boys through cesarean section but the joy of a mother beholding her baby after delivery covers every form of pain, challenge or discomfort experienced during the pregnancy or at delivery. Not even the scar as a result of cesarean section would matter to her. That's how great mothers are.

That being said, I can't effectively speak about motherhood without making reference to my late mum. With her, I got to know first hand what motherhood is like and my focus would be on godly mothers.

Being a godly mother is a noble course worthy of pursuit for every woman and God has equipped every woman to be godly mothers except they refuse to obey the divine call.

Only a godly mother can raise godly children. A godly mother does not just honour God's word in her life but does same in the lives of her children.

She introduces God into their lives from a very tender age, teaches them the ways of God, invests in them spiritually and instills godly values in them.

Proverbs 22:6 says "Train up a child the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." How a child turns up in life is largely dependent on how a mother brings up that child.

When a child goes wayward, most of the blame goes to the mother, even the father of the child says to the woman, "see what your child has become." But when the child turns out great, the father beats his chest and says "that's my child."

A godly mother will always instil discipline in the lives of her children. No godly mother would see her child doing the wrong thing and condones it.

Proverbs 13:24 says " He who spares the rod hates his son but he who loves is son is careful to discipline him."

Like I stated earlier, my mum gave birth to three boys and me (the only girl) but same way she disciplined the boys was same way she disciplined me. Infact, there were days I felt like I was the most disciplined and today I am grateful to God and to her for how she raised us up especially me, else I don't know what I would have become in life.

Proverbs 29:15 says "The rod and reproof brings wisdom but a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother." 

A godly mother will always serves as a source of encouragement to her children. Irrespective of the mistakes they make or failures experienced, no godly mother would  let her children to  continue bowing  their heads in shame.

She would rather encourage them, letting them know that mistakes and failures make them stronger and better persons in life. My mum would always say " When you fall down, get back up, dust your bom-bom and with your head held high, keep moving on like nothing had happened." There were times when we felt like a thing was not achievable, my mum would always say to us "If your faith can't carry you my faith will carry you."

Imagine a child hearing all that, that child will move on with full amount of confidence, ready to conquer every obstacle.

A godly mother serves as a role model to her children by virtue of what they see her do. Children tend to process pictures much faster than words.

What they see you do stay in their heads much more than the words you say to them. So, a godly mother does not just talk the talk but also does the talk by living an exemplary lifestyle of what she teaches the children.

However, of more importance is how she relates with her husband in the home. Children watch how a mother communicates with her husband, how she reacts to situations or circumstances in the house, how she loves, supports and cares for her husband fulfilling the divine command of a woman being a helpmeet for her husband. Children learn the fundamentals (Love, support, faithfulness etc) of life just  by watching how their parents relate with each other. 

A godly mother teaches her children how to be contented in life. She teaches them how to be grateful to God for where they are and what they have at the moment while they trust God for a better tomorrow.

When a child is taught contentment from an early stage, that child grows up into adulthood living within his/her means and you would hardly see that child beg or borrow in life. But when a child gets all he wants, it would be difficult him/her to live a contented life.

My mum really taught me and my siblings how to live a contented life. She made us understand that happiness can be found in the little things you have and not in what you don't have and today, in her absence, we live an independent life full of contentment. 

A godly mother would never display the act of favoritism amongst her children. She would never treat one child better than she does the other.

Proverbs 28:21 says "Partiality is not good, because for a piece of bread, one man will transgress." Favouring a child above the other, breeds envy, strife and jealousy among the children leading to unhealthy relationship between them.

Despite being the only girl my mum had, she never treated me as such. There was no pampering or preferential treatment of any sort. I grew up seeing my brothers as sisters and as a result, I never felt like I was the only girl in the house neither did my brothers treat me as such because we saw ourselves as same.

A godly mother can go through fire just to ensure the well being of her children. She is ready to starve so her children can eat.

She is ready to sacrifice her freedom and happiness so her children are never sad in life. Whatever you think of a woman enduring and sacrificing for the sake of her marriage, my mum went through it all and her for the sake of her children and her sacrifice paid of in our lives.  

As mothers, the best and greatest legacy you leave for your children is not the physical structures or financial wealth for them to inherit but the values you instil in them.

If by God's grace such inheritances are there for them, The values given to them will enable them manage it well and if peradventure, there are no such inheritances, the values instilled in them will enable them create one for themselves.

Physical structures and financial wealth might perish or fade with time, but the values given to them, will stay with them forever guiding and directing their paths even when you are no more

Quote for the day -  "No one is poor who has a godly mother." -  Abraham Lincoln. 
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