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Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it is what makes the world go round beautifully well if understood and used in the right sense but of more importance is when it is also reciprocated.

Love is not just about the feelings or the butterflies we feel in our stomach when we meet someone new. Neither is it the obsessive thinking of the other person.

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We most times make the mistake of determining how long a relationship would last with how we feel at the time when we fall in love.

When a relationship is new, we constantly think about the other person, we always want to do something for them and also want to share more time or experiences with them.

While all these is good, love goes beyond the feelings. Feelings can change with given situations or circumstances. Who we love is as much as a choice as it is a feeling.

When we love with our feelings, we must also take a conscious decision to stay in the relationship through thick and thin and that is a choice.

Staying in love is a conscious work we must put into the relationship. It is a commitment we consciously make to have a lasting and enjoyable relationship irrespective of how we feel or circumstances.

The choice we make to stay committed in a relationship will inturn birth other choices we must make to keep the relationship going and that is where the work begins.

When we have found the one we love, we must make a choice to overlook the person's shortcomings, weaknesses, faults etc. We also make a choice to remain faithful in the relationship.

We must also make a choice to overlook what it is we are not getting such as unpleasant situations and circumstances that is actually no one's fault but focus on what can be done to salvage the situation.

The relationship might not always be pleasant as there will be challenges along the way which will tend to steal the happiness we have in the relationship and it is in such moments true love is defined and the the choice to keep the relationship sets in.

Ever wondered why some relationships or marriages fail today? they fail because the feelings they once had faded with time. It is not every day or time you would be able to love but you can make a choice to make the relationship work.

There will be days your partner will offend you or go astray once in a while to get u upset, the choice to make to keep the relationship would be to forgive

When things don't go as expected or as planned and begin to go sour, the choice is not to throw in the towel but to remain respectful, committed, forgiving and focus on why you fell in love in the first place.

It is no love but infatuation when we abandon ship once the storms set in. Time has a way of revealing things and only true love can stand the test of time. It is with time you get to know if your feelings were just infatuations or true love.

Quote for the day - "It is not enough to feel love but the commitment to show love is what counts the most."
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