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The question is a hard work a character? As well as other questions relating to hard work was thrown to me by a friend who also felt the need for me to write on it and share. The other questions relating to hard work will come subsequently. Now, is hard work really a character? For me, the answer is yes. It is not just a character but a character builder as well, but then, who is a hard worker? A hard worker is one who is willing to learn, adapt to changes/news things and willing to grow. A hard worker aspires to be the best and get ahead of others. One who is hardworking will always focus on growth, knowledge and experience while he/she will also seek out ways to develop and improve on him/herself. Being a hard working person is not just about being knowledgeable but willing to put in the effort. It takes a diligent person who wants to succeed in life to be hardworking.

The willingness to work hard is considered a good trait in every society and its rewarded in well established organisations, companies and individuals alike. Every employer of labour wants people who are hard working to work for them as hardworking employees help the organisation reach its goals. No employer wants a lazy employee and even if employed, it comes out someday and that employee will be sacked. Even in intimate relationships, no lady would want to associate herself with a guy who is not hardworking and no man wants a lazy woman for a partner, even if she is a full time housewife, the trait of being a hard worker shows in her domestic chores and how she takes care of her family.

According to Sam Ewing "Hard work spotlights the character of people; Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses and some don't turn up at all." What this quote simply means is that, those who turn up their sleeves are the hard working people who are ever ready to do the job and have the willingness to work. Those who turn up their noses are those who do little or nothing at all. They are in the job yet feel to big to carry out their job descriptions; they are not team players but let others do most of the job while those who do not turn up at all are those who never show up when there is a job or a project to be handled. They always give excuses not to be available and suddenly become too busy to help with anything.

These category of people exist in every organisation. There are people who want to get a paycheck every month but are not really working hard or have the willingness to work. All they are after is the paycheck at the end of the month without putting in the effort but depend on their colleagues to the job. There are those who believe, putting in more hours to their jobs by just sitting those long hours at work is hard work enough, there are those who find it difficult taking on a task and completing it, some even see their daily routine at work as difficult enough but being consistent in what you do makes it a part of you and before you know it, you are doing it at ease while there are those who put in the effort, giving it their very best.

The truth is, for everyone who wants to be successful in life, needs to be hardworking in his or her endeavors. Whether you are an employer, employee or self employed, hard work is required to be successful with the works of your hands. Want to reach the peak of your career? Then put in the effort. Want to have a promotion at work? Then work hard. Want to be a successful business man or woman? Then you must be hardworking. Want to come out with flying colors in your studies? Then study hard. Success does not come overnight but is achieved with every step we take, putting in the effort. One way to get to know who a person really is, its through hard work and everyone including employers want to associate with people who work hard.

Hard work does not just give you a paycheck but brings with it some benefits. Below some benefits of working hard;


BUILDS YOUR CHARACTER :  Hard work is a virtue that builds one's character. Those who are willing to not just work but work hard are those who have strong character traits in them. They are ambitious, intelligent, action-oriented, successful, honest, confident, modest, passionable, detailed in their works etc. Hard work keeps you focused, instills discipline in you, enables you manage your time and resources effectively, not allowing any from of waste. Quitting is not in the dictionary of a hard worker even when told it can't be done. A hard worker ignores critics and sees hope in what he/she does. The greatest reward for hard work is the building of one's character.

PROMOTES YOUR DIGNITY : Irrespective of the kind of job you do, as long as it is a legitimate job, there is dignity in it. It gives you a sense of pride and makes you independent. You are held in high esteem and seen as a responsible fellow.

GIVES YOU A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY : You're able to take care of yourself and pay to your bills. You are also able to take care of your siblings, parents and a blessing to others. You depend on no one for a hand out. The fact that you wake up every morning having in mind that you have an office to go to and a job that needs your attention, gives you a sense of responsibility and makes you a responsible person.

GIVES YOU AN ADVANTAGE : Hard work gives you an edge over others and makes you stand out amongst your contemporaries . The more you work hard, the more experience and knowledge you gain. That's why experience gives you an edge when applying for a job or a position in a particular firm.

KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED : Working hard inspires and motivates you to keep going and  do more especially when you successfully complete a goal or a project. The feeling of accomplishment alone is enough motivation. Getting messages, calls and emails from people on how my write ups have become source of encouragement to them is enough motivation for me to do more. Some I meet on the road or one on one and they are appreciative of my work. These gestures inspires and motivates me to do more and keep writing.

LEADS TO SELF-IMPROVEMENT : Hard work gives you the opportunity for self improvement and development. For instance, the more I write; the more I develop myself, the more I gain knowledge and the more I become creative. Hard work enables you to constantly improve your skills and creates room for new opportunities. Keeps you disciplined and focused on the goal set ahead.

CULTIVATES IN YOU A GRATEFUL HEART : Hard Work creates a heart of gratitude in you. After the accomplishment of a task or a project and when you look back at all the things you went through to get the job done, you become grateful. Successful people are always filled with gratitude. Looking back at how far they have come in life, makes them grateful to God everyday. Put your life in retrospect, considering all the challenges, set backs, criticisms and failures faced, when you put all these into perspective, you become grateful for the journey so far.

CREATES OPPORTUNITIES : Hard work creates new opportunities for you. When you are skilled at what you do and do it well, you are recommended by people to other people. Sometimes, you are even recommended by those you hardly know and there is the high tendency of you moving up the ladder faster than you think and above your contemporaries in your place of work or field of endeavour when you are hard working. Sometimes, you feel no one sees your efforts or that your efforts go unnoticed but when opportunities come, you are the first to be recommended. Hard work opens so many doors of favour either through acquaintances, through our insights, inputs or understanding that we put into our work . The Bible says in Proverbs 22:9 "Hast thou seen a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men." Being skilled and hard working in what you do takes you to places and makes you meet people you never imagined or dreamed of.

These and many more are the benefits of hard work.

Every hard working person and every successful person possess some qualities in them that make them excel in what they do and if you want to be a hardworking and successful in what you do then you too must imbibe these qualities. Below are the qualities of hard workers.


PUNCTUALITY : A hard worker is known to be punctual; prompt to work and good at finishing a task at the required time. Even a hard working self employed person, would be prompt to his business place on daily basis and ensures all tasks at hand are completed in due time.

DEPENDABILITY : A hard worker is dependable and reliable. He is trusted to get a work done. He gets to work and stays at work till the close of work. A hard worker does not form the habit of always leaving his desk, taking excessive excuses all the time not to be at work or get a task done. Employers know which of their employees they can rely and depend on to be at work always and get the job done. When there is an important and urgent task to be done, a dependable employee is usually looked up to and given the task to do.

PERSEVERANCE : A hard worker perseveres in a seemingly difficult task. He doesn't easily give up on a project or task and when he is unable to figure it out, he asks for assistance instead of giving up or abandoning the task. Finishing what was started is a great deal to not just the employer but to the employee who is hard working as well. A hard worker is committed to his job/work to the finish.  As a hard worker or someone who wants to be one either as an employee or a self employed person, ensure to remain committed in what you do. Be ambitious and work hard to get to where you want to be or dream of being.

STAMINA :  Stamina is required of every hard worker and that is why it is important and necessary to engage in workouts or exercises at your leisure times. There are jobs that you might encounter that will put you on your toes. Sales persons or marketers can testify of this. Working hard, requires stamina. You need to be physically strong and fit to carry out every task assigned to you and to assist others if necessary even if you are stated in the office all day.

TEAM PLAYER : A hard worker is also a team player. A team player is one who carries everyone along, shares knowledge of what he knows and not keep it to himself so that when he is not at work, others are able to do job. They are also quick to teach others new skills when there are new jobs or put others through difficult tasks.

MOTIVATION : Most hard workers already possess this quality.  They are usually self motivated to the their job having a goal in mind to achieve and they easily motivate others who tend to slack or give up painting their heads pictures of why they must not give up but move on in completing the job.

INITIATIVE : Hard workers are not always told what to do. As long as they know their job description, they do it without being told and with less supervision. There are times a hard worker uses his own initiative without being told what to do looking for new opportunities to improve himself. Being initiative is taking the lead, being positive that you will be successful at completing the task and being creative as well as being able to multitask.

FLEXIBILITY : Hard workers don't just stick on their jobs but readily available to assist others when stuck in theirs. A hard worker does not necessarily wait to finish his work before assisting someone who is stuck in his.

LEADERSHIP : A hard worker possesses leadership qualities. This is a top quality of every hard worker. People and employers tend to pick hard workers to lead a team or put them in top positions. Even co-workers look up to a hard worker to lead a team or take charge of a project.

DETAILED ORIENTED : A hard worker is detailed oriented, that is, paying close attention to every detail and knowing how to place your priorities right.

The above mentioned and many more are the qualities of hard workers.

It is not enough to seek for a job or want to be successful at what you do but you must be hardworking as well to achieve your set goals. As an employer, don't just work lacsidikally and sluggishly because you know you will always receive a paycheck at the end of the month. Work like its your business. See what Bible says in Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters." Truth is, same way you handle what is entrusted in you its same way you will handle yours when you run your own business. What you sow is what you reap. And then Proverbs 13:4 says " A sluggard's appetite is never filled but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied." So what kind of worker are you? Lazy or a hard worker?

Quote for the day - "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." - Vince Lombardi

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