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In these series of hard work that comes in form of questions, we had looked at the question Is hard work character? which was treated here → is-hard-work-character.html and it was established that hard work is not just character but builds character . Now the question is, does hard work without character lead to success? Even when hard work builds character, there are some character traits in people that no matter how hard working they are, they never achieve success. Hard work is not enough to achieve success but the character we portray while we work goes a long way to determine how successful we become.

A company can decide to hire a very hardworking person but if this person has no good character, then that company is in a whole lot of troubles. Even when the company experiences some form of produce from the hard worker, it won't be worth it as a result of the bad character exhibited by the employee.  Whether an employee or a self employed person, you need good character along side your hard working nature to be successful. When it comes to character, we are not just what we say but we are what we do. People always say work smart and not hard but I say, work hard and work smart at the same time. Working hard is the brick of success and when you add smartness to working hard, you get maximum value for your time and efforts. Having these good character traits below can also be seen as working smart. 

1. HONESTY : This is the core attribute for every hard worker who wants to be successful in his or her endeavours. Being honest in what you do either as an employee, employer or self employed, takes you to peak of your career or business. Cheating, blackmailing, manipulating or conniving just to get ahead of others is never part of a honest hard worker. A honest hard worker will always do a clean job, at the right time and deliver as promised. Honesty will take you to places and people you never dreamed of and to is be practiced if you want to be truly happy, fulfilled and successful in life. Being honest is not just about being truthful to others but being true and real with yourself. Having the characteristic of being honest is a virtue and the core foundation to our principles and values.

2. HARD WORKER : Being a hard worker can not be overemphasized. It's one characteristics every successful person possess and if you desire to be successful, then you must be a hard worker. Good character and hard work go hand in hand. You can not develop a good character without being hard working. When we go through challenges, difficulties, conflicts and overcome them as we pursue success, we are building our character. No matter how talented or gifted you are, if you are not hard working in developing your gifts and talents, you would fail woefully.

3. HELPER : Anyone with a good character is always ready to help and assist. Fos such people, success is not a one sided thing, they help others achieve success too and they are very good team players. Fulfillment and happiness is derived when we lend helping hands to others.

4. LOVING : People with good character are loving people and are lovable too as a result of the ir good character. They remain kind and loving even at the risk of their success placing the happiness of others above theirs. They care more of impacting others, helping others achieve their success. They don't just love their jobs or businesses as the case may be but genuinely care and love people around them as well.

5. SURVIVOR : A Hard worker with a good character does not quit easily when the going gets tough. Like it was said earlier on, character is developed in times of challenges, difficulties and trials. He sticks to the very end. He has faith and believe that everything will end well and in a positive light. He does not transfer aggression when things go wrong or try to shift blames but tackles every problem headlong. While others quit in same stressors, a hardworking person with a survivor mentality sees opportunities to secure achievement. He has survivor instinct and faith that everything will go well at the end of the day.

6. ELEGANCE : A hard worker is self controlled and poised irrespective of the situation he may find himself. This elegance in him is having the ability to exercise self control and a calm nature . It makes him mysterious and interesting to people around him. He tends to listen more and talk less. When in conflict situations, he goes above the pettiness of right and wrong but seek out ways to resolve every problem.

7. INSPIRATION : A hard worker serves as a source of inspiration to everyone around him. He needs not announce himself but silently and saliently inspire and motivate people around him. He serves as source of encouragement, inspiration and motivation to those who tend to give up.

8. LEADERSHIP : A hard working person naturally gains followers. People tend to follow those who  have patience, self awareness, long-suffering, gone through lots of challenges and overcame them. Gained experiences and developed character as a result of difficult moments draws people to him.

A hard worker who wants to be successful in his or her field will have to possess good character. No one one is born with good character but developed and cultivated over time. You might be well talented/gifted and hard working but you stand out and rise above your contemporaries when you combine all these with good character.

Quote for the day - "Talent doesn't win. Hard work, determination and character wins. If you root your talent and ability in those things, then you have a powerful combination. " - Erwin McManus
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