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Pains, difficulties and challenges are things no one wants to go through yet they are inevitable in life and very vital for our growth, well being as well as help birth our purpose in life. One may ask, what is Purpose? Your purpose in life has to do with that which God has created and designed you for and to fulfill here on earth. Until you have carried out your purpose in life, you can't be termed successful neither will you be fulfilled. So many people equate success to material gains but that is far from it. Paraphrasing the words of late Myles Monroe, your success lies in the successful completion of your God given purpose here on earth. I guess discussing on purpose will be for another day.

Now unto the essence of today's discuss which is how our purpose in life in most cases comes through/from the pains we experience in life. Joseph's purpose in life came through after he was imprisoned for 13 years. During those years of pains and trials, God was molding and fine-tuning him to fulfill his purpose on earth. The very people ( his brothers and potiphar's wife) who thought they were bringing him down, never knew they were instruments used to help fulfill his mission on earth. David on the other hand, suffered the sadistic and abusive nature of Saul, being chased all over the place out of envy in order to be killed by Saul but God in these trying times of David was as well fine-tuning David to become one of the best and finest kings Israel would ever have. During these times of challenges, David learned how to lead.

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Down to our contemporary society, lets take the case scenario of a pregnant woman during labour in which the woman goes through excruciating pains during child birth. Some women go through this for days and in such moments they cry their hearts out cursing and so on but even at that, they never loose sight of the beautiful baby coming forth from them and when the baby finally arrives, the Joy experienced overshadows the pains of labour and from that time of birth, the woman's major purpose is to bring up that child in a godly manner. So it is when we go through tough times in life. Rather than focus on the pains, lets see the beauty ahead of us after the pains believing God has a perfect plan for our lives.

Still in our contemporary society, For most of us, it is natural to seek and help people who are going through or have been through similar difficult times that we have been through in order to help them pull through such moments  knowing how it feels. So many humanitarian organisations were established by people who have been hurt in one way or the other and have risen above such challenges. We have also had stars rising above seemingly difficult challenges and are today an inspiration to so many people. Some examples of such people are Oprah Winfrey, Nick Vujicic, Lisa Nichols Dave Ramsey, Joyce Meyer etc.

Oprah Winfrey born into poverty in Mississippi, molested at her early childhood and gave birth to a premature baby at 14 who later died at infancy became a voice to be reckoned with all over the world through her talk shows that have lifted and encouraged so many hurting souls. Nick Vujicic though born without limbs, found his purpose in his challenge and today is known worldwide for his motivational talks and has inspired so many lives across the globe. Though without arms and legs, he has traveled around the world to inspire people. Lisa Nichols, a well known motivational speaker today was once told by her teacher to be the weakest writer he had ever seen in his life for failing in English and advised her to get a desk job yet today she speaks English as a motivational speaker inspiring so many people across the globe. In her words, she said she was " broke and broken". A single mum in 1994 who couldn't even afford a diaper for her baby. In the moments of her desperation, she realized the only thing she had was her voice and she stood in front of a mirror and envisioned her self speaking to a crowd and today, she is a powerful voice to be reckoned with.
Dave Ramsey, a well known christian financial guru started counselling couples in his church on financial issues after he experienced a big time financial bankruptcy in his life when the bank financing his real estate was sold and the new buyer demanded all loans be paid back. Joyce Meyer on the other hand, was severally sexually abused by her father in her early childhood. According to her, her pains drove her deeply into faith and today she has touched so many lives across the globe.
I was watching a movie of recent at the same period I was writing this piece and in it, a little boy who had gone through chemotherapy several times and had beaten cancer was seen encouraging his friend whose father had been admitted into a hospital for a serious ailment giving himself as an example of one who had overcome death. That's what we become in most cases after going through some challenges in life which births our purpose here on earth.

I am one fine woman that God has molded so well through challenging times in life. For me, the only pain I haven't been through so far in life is that of child birth and of-cos its gonna come too. I have been through so many pains of all sorts in life which has brought out the beauty in me as well as making me so strong that I am hardly moved by any circumstance in life. God made me this beautiful in and out through the many pains I have been through and these pains contribute to the birthing of this blog in order to encourage and motivate so many people going through difficult times in life and letting them know its all part of the divine plan to make beautiful every mess in their lives. God isn't through with me yet despite all these. He is still molding me towards a greater purpose in life.

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Challenges are part of life and they bring out the potentials in us as well as our glory. There is no growth without challenges. We were all born into challenges as children when we tried to take our first steps but fell severally yet we kept on trying till we started walking. God never promised a hitch free life but He promised never to leave us alone in such times. He uses these challenges to sharpen  and shape us not to punish us. He says in Isaiah 43:2 " When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee". Sometimes, God lets us go through challenges today so we become a shining light to those who might walk through same path tomorrow. We become compassionate, of help and passionate in helping those who are going through what we have been through in life and there lies in most cases our purpose in life. There is a reason and a purpose behind every pain in life just as the purpose of a pregnant woman in labour is to give birth to that beautiful and healthy baby

If life should ever go our way then there will be nothing to learn, there will be no growth physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. Gold comes out so fine and well refined after going through different processes in fire.  We need to get to a point in life where we see challenges as a part of life and a medium through which our destinies are molded. This way, it won't be that difficult to face life's worst moments. " But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shines more and more unto a perfect day".  Proverbs 4:18.

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Quote for the day - " God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness. Trust Him and don't give up." - Anonymous 

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