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Happiness to so many people is elusive hence their search for happiness in people, things and wrong places. Some people are so accustomed to sadness that they feel happiness is an impossible dream to achieve. They have experienced or think they experience more of sad moments than that of joy or happiness hence their perception of happiness as elusive.

Sadness and happiness are both part of our lives and they both form our emotions. You are either sad or happy at every given point in life. We all desire to be happy in life, in our jobs, marriages or relationships. No one wants to be sad or be found in sad situations, but the onus lies on us individually. The amount of time you experience happiness or sadness for the rest of your life depends on you.

We oftentimes let people dictate to us our emotions and reactions. There are people we have placed high expectations on and when these expectations don't come to pass then we are frustrated. Sometimes, it's the betrayals from people especially loved ones that bring the sadness to our hearts.
There are times we seek gratifications from people and when the expected gratification isn't coming forth, we get gloomy and feel inferior. Other times, our happiness and joy seemed to be dependent on how people feel or are opinionated about us. We place so much importance on people's opinions about us to the point that when these opinions don't come out with positive words or as expected, then our day or some days of lives are ruined.

Aside the people around us, circumstances and situations we find ourselves in also tend to dictate to us how we should feel and react to situations. When things don't go as planned or expected, we become very weak emotionally, physically and discouraged to move on or carry on another project. It feels like the world has come crumbling on us that we become incapacitated in doing anything.
Sometimes business deals or relationships don't go as planned but doesn't mean the end of life to remain sad, gloomy, moody or unhappy for the rest of your life.

Irrespective of what happens, no matter who or what tends to bring sadness to your face and heart, know that you are the most important person in your life and it's high time you began taking responsibility of your life. Take charge of your emotions, Joy and happiness. Let no one or anything access or control of your overall peace of mind. Give no one the power to decide your emotions irrespective of what the person can offer or the position the person occupies.
If you have a task to carry out at work, a project you have set for yourself or a personal target to achieve and it didn't come out as expected, don't dwell on that, move on with the hope of a better outcome next time with a positive mindset.

Life they say is too short to waste being unhappy or worrying about so many things you can't change or have little or no control over. You have the will-power to decide how you want to live the rest of your life.

No one has the key to your happiness but you. You decide how you want to feel and react to circumstances around you. Nobody should decide when you are happy and when u are not happy.

Your gaze should rather be on God than man for your joy and happiness, Look up to God as He alone can give you that lasting Joy, happiness and peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7).

Your Job might be threatened and it might feel like there won't be any way out or like you won't and can't have a better job especially in a country with harsh economy where every one says there is no Job. It could be that your relationship is about to hit rock-bottom or that you may have or still facing rejections. The only one who gives you a hope of a brighter future is God. When you look to no one else but God, your faith and hope is renewed.
See the good out of every bad situation. Sometimes you don't know what you can do till you are given an opportunity to explore your potentials and this sometimes, can only happen when you find yourself in a dilemma. You are forced out of your comfort zone to a little bit of discomfort just to take you where you ought to be. So, rejections can in most cases be a redirection.

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While you were growing up as a kid, your happiness was dependent on your parents and relatives. Now you are all grown up and taking responsibility of so many things in your life. No one wakes you up to remind you that you have to go to work unlike being woken up from sleep to be reminded by your parents that you have to go to school. You take care of your bills, you decide when and what to eat or what to wear. Same way, decide how happy you can be and how you react to things, people and circumstances around you. Decide your emotions.
There is a saying that goes thus" Why worry if you have no solution and why worry if you can solve the problem? Either you can do something about the situation or you can't. In both ways, why worry?

Happiness is not something that just happens, though there are days and situations that bring happiness or smiles on our faces at the moment but what about days we don't find the happiness? We create our own happiness. You can control your reactions to things, circumstances and people.
Learn to create your happiness Irrespective of what happens in your life with the following tips below.

CONTENTMENT : Contentment is one key factor to our everyday happiness. When you are contented with what you've got, who you are and where you are, you will find every reason to be happy in life. Lack of contentment breads unhappiness leading to an unhealthy life. Learn to be contented and satisfied with what you have and where you are. Appreciate each phase of life you get into and be contented with what you can get at the time.

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GRATITUDE : Develop a life of gratitude especially to the little things you get and see in life. Be grateful to God for the gift of life everyday as you rise from bed. Be grateful to God for the works of your hands weather as an employee, employer or a business owner, no matter how little that business might be, be grateful to God.
Be grateful to the people in your life and for the little things they do to and for you. These little things may not necessarily be buying you expensive gifts, giving you financial assistance but as little as spending time with you, checking up on you once in a while, being there for you when you are down emotionally, supporting your dreams, visions and projects. Do not take for granted what is been done or given to you from the heart by those around you and even those far away from you no matter how little what they do for u is. If you can't be grateful for the little things you see, the little things done for you by God and man, how  then can you be appreciative of  bigger things?
Being grateful doesn't just help you live a  happy life, it makes you a healthy being in body and soul. It also encourages people around you to always do more for you seeing how grateful you can be with little things.

There are times it might seem difficult to be grateful but when we look deeply, there is always something to be grateful for and you can easily find reasons to be grateful for in the little things we see and come across. One of such is the gift of life, the gift of sleeping and waking up, the gift of a sound health, the gift of a healthy appetite, the gift of friendships and family members.
A heart of gratitude brightens your outlook and broadens your perspective in life. Each day you see alive, is enough reason to be grateful.

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HEALTHY MANTRAS: Develop positive and healthy mantras for yourself. Make these mantras a part of you or a slogan you use for yourself when you are down or feel like giving up.
Mantras are positive words, slogans or phrases used to motivate one. They help to uplift the spirit. They serve as slogans or a drive to push you forward when things seem not to be going well. They also serve as a drive to start the day. You can develop Mantras that you meditate on to carry you through the day's activities or tasks. You must not wait till you face a challenge to start having mantras for yourself.
You can form mantras for yourself and paste them where you can always see them to remind you that you can do it or pull through the day. For me, "Never say Never' is one mantra I use never to give up on life. "Is not over until is over " is another powerful mantra one can use. Another mantra I use it's "You will never know until you try" meant not to easily run away from seemingly difficult tasks but to press on irrespective of the outcome. Until you give that task a trial, u will never know the outcome.
You can as well pick words, phrases or passages from the Bible such as "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".(Philippians 4:13) which is a mantra from the Bible that can be used when you feel like giving up or unable to complete a task or a project at hand.
"The joy of the Lord is my strength" is another mantra gotten from Nehemiah 8:10. Its a mantra when meditated on, gives you strength from within for times when you are emotionally down especially when you loose a loved one to the cold hands of death, coming out from a terrible relationship or when you feel like nothing is working out fine for you resulting to you wanting to give up on life.
"This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it" is a phrase from Psalm 118:24 that gives you a good start. This is a very good mantra to kick-start a day with. It's more of a positive confession to having a good day when you rise from the bed believing that day will go well and fine for you. Even when it seems like the day isn't going well or as planned, this mantra will pull you through.
"All things work together for good to them that love the Lord" (Romans 8:28) its a phrase from the Bible that can be used or meditated on when things don't go as planned or as expected. May be you had a failed relationship, the project u were embarking on did not come out as expected or that one thing you looked forward in achieving did not come out as planned. Look on the bright side and believe you have better days ahead
"With God all things are possible"(Mathew 9:26) is another powerful mantra from the Bible to use when it feels like you can't do it, you can't achieve that which you desire to or seems like there is a huge obstacle before you to conquer.

LIST YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS : I always tell people around me that nothing beats the joy of knowing you achieved certain things by your efforts and hard work without the help of others. Nothing beats the fact that you earn a living and take care of your bills.
The tiny little thing you purchase for yourself with your hard earned money is much more valued by you than things given to you freely.
You may not have achieved your most desired goals but you are gradually getting there achieving it bit by bit. Be proud of your little achievements.

FORGIVENESS : Learn to forgive yourself for the wrong deeds done to others by you, the harm you may have caused yourself as a result of your actions and learn to forgive those who have wronged you one way or the other.
Let go of your past errors and let go of people's errors against you.
An unforgiving heart is the one who hurts more. The one who has wronged you probably has no clue of hurting you and even if the person does, he/she probably has no conscience or feels the wrong deed done to you was right at the time and is moving on fine with life without you in  mind while you are still hurting with the pain in an unforgiving heart. And if the person does know of having wronged you, your state of mind will either heap a coal of fire on his/her head or make him/her rejoice for having control over your feelings. A free heart does a lot of good and its like medicine to the soul. Make the conscious effort to have a free heart.

LOVE YOUR BEING : Learn to love yourself irrespective of your past failures, present situation, errors or how you look physically. Do not let your past define your present and what you do presently will either negatively or positively affect your future. Love your yourself irrespective of the  kind of background you have. Your background doesn't decide your future but what you do and let into your life today will have a huge impact on your future.
You body shape shouldn't be a factor to your looking sad. If you do not love how you look, then work on it. Control what you eat, when you eat and engage in some exercises. This will help you look  and feel much better about yourself.
Envy no one's body structure, background, or state of being. No one is without faults and no one is perfect. Accept your imperfections and be perfect in your imperfections.

DO NOT OBSESS : try not to obsess over things and people. Learn to let go of things and people that are not within your grasp. If u are not able to achieve or get what you desire at the moment, let go and work towards it gradually and if it's something that is out of your reach, let it go and pursue your other goals.
If the relationship you are in isn't working or the person you desire to have in your life isn't looking your way, let go and do not obsess over that person. Your special kind of person awaits you.

TRUST GOD : In all you do and in all your endeavors, learn to trust God. Let your faith be strong in Him. Be hopeful of the simple fact that God has got your back and will never let you down. Trust Him to have better plans for you when things don't go as you have planned and also trust Him to open more doors of opportunities for you when things go fine.
No matter what happens in your life, good or bad, trust that He has the best for you and will take you there.

The tips mentioned above and many more are ways to create happiness. You can add to the list by creating yours such as doing what you love.

Your happiness, joy and peace of mind does not lie in the hands of others or circumstances.
In life, there will always be challenges, obstacles, betrayals and battles to fight and overcome. When you fall down, you decide whether to remain on the floor or to get back up and move on. People at one point in time or the other will get on our nerves, treat us bad or betray us. It is our responsibility to shake it off and move on. You either accept what happens and move on or wallow in the pains and see no way out.

When you start creating your own ways of being happy, you become much more of a better person, your whole being mentally, physically and spiritually becomes healthy. You live a healthy life by simply being happy.

I once had a very bad and terrible ulcer that didn't like any form of stress, sadness or anger. I realized when angry, upset or stressed out, the ulcer resurfaces with so much pains and discomfort. I took so much drugs and all manner of drugs, but it did not stop the pains and discomfort. So, one day, I decided to stop taking drugs but to learn how to control my reactions to unpleasant situations. When provoked by people and circumstances, I tried as much as I could to remain calm and not to get upset or angry and gradually, the ulcer disappeared even without me realizing it. That's how powerful our decisions can be. We can decide to be happy or angry at life when things don't go well.

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