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Most times we tend to compare our lives to that of others because they appear to be better off than we are. When we start doing that then there will be no end to comparing yourself with others because there will always be people who will appear better than we are.

Comparing yourself with some other persons holds no value or importance at all but would rather make you restless in trying to meet up with the standards of other people hence robbing you of your joy and the joy of being who you are.It makes you ungrateful and also makes you feel unfulfilled. Your goal should be in trying to be a better person and be contented with who or what you are and with what you have.

Trying to compare yourself with others leads to envy, hatred and eventually strife. It can also make you become so materialistic to the point you get to do things you never imagined you would do, like stealing and prostituting one's self. Rather than this, celebrate who you are and celebrate being you. Love yourself, love what you do and be appreciative of what you have and your present status. Being too materialistic is what leads to comparison of one's self with other people. Life is a process. You can't have it all at once but with careful planning you get what you want and arrive at your destination. Run your own race at your pace and be patient. We all have our different times.

There are things about you that other people are crazy about and there are things you have that other people wish to have, therefore celebrate your uniqueness, celebrate the stuff you are made off and be appreciative of what you have. There is no other person like you. Focus on your inner qualities, strength and improve on any part you find deficient. See the inner beauty in you. Until you find the inner beauty in you, you won't stop comparing yourself with others. Your inner beauty includes your love, kindness, patience, humility, the goodness of your heart, your generosity and so on.

Life is no competition. everyone has his or her race to run at a pace designed for him or her. Trying to compete with another person's life is a dead end. Life is no game for competition. No one is perfect, no life is perfect and no relationship is perfect. Like they say "all that glitters is not gold".

People might show glamour on the outside but you never know what they are going through. Not every one announces what he or she goes through. Or you might see someone living the good life but you never know the story behind that glory. While there are those who would do anything negatively just to live the good life.

Live your life to the fullest being you. Be real and don't fake anything about you. Integrity takes one far in life and speaks for you even in your absence.

Be in competition with no one.

Quote for the day-" I am in competition with no one but me. I am competing with myself. I Have no desire of playing the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying with the help of God to be better than I was yesterday. Jesus is my measuring stick".- Linda Flagg

Your Life Coach

Rhoda Amapakabo

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