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Hey dear,

How beautiful is your soul?

A beautiful soul is one who speaks in love, kindness and encourages others to excel. He reaches out to people in need and even when he doesn't have, he wishes deeply in his heart that he could lend a helping hand.

His soul is without limits. He believes he can achieve whatever he sets his mind and heart on no matter the obstacles and no matter how long it takes cos he believes it's just a matter of time. He is ever positive. He has the heart of a child. He forgives and holds no grudges and as a result at peace with himself no matter the circumstances.
Honesty is part of him. He is brave, always motivated encouraged and a source of encouragement. Has a some sense of silliness in him with cute smiles that are contagious. Very compassionate, passionate, hard-working, polite and mature.

He is always a good company. You feel happy and at ease when ever you are around him. His presence is enough to make you feel comfortable. He is a talker and a listener. He is loyal,faithful and a defender of every good course. Never forsakes his own. Patience is one good value he has running his race at his own pace. Above all he has the fear of God in him.

Your soul is what you make of it. The values you set for yourself and the morals in you. What ever you take into your soul will either destroy or beautify your soul. The components of your soul include your physical,emotional,spiritual,cognitive and relational being. Feed these parts of you positively to have a beautiful soul and then get to others.

Quote for the day-" At the end of the day you will not remember the person with a beautiful face. You will remember the person with a beautiful heart and soul".-Unknown

Your Life Coach

Rhoda Amapakabo

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