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Procrastination is the shifting of a scheduled task that is suppose to be done immediately or at a particular time.

Procrastination is a challenge that everyone has faced in life at one point or another.

You fix a schedule for yourself yet can't stick to it then it means you have other things if not useless things taking and occupying your time. Most times we postpone things that we feel we do not derive joy from but suffering yet the carrying out of that task is inevitable. For instance most ladies want to lose weight knowing the benefits attached to losing weight by eating certain foods and resisting foods that tend to make one fat but would rather procrastinate for immediate gratification.

Everyone knows the benefits of saving for the future but we most time procrastinate saving for the future for immediate gratification even when we know that immediate gratification is not so important. This brings us to our two existing selves-the present and the future self. The brain often think of the future self more seeing benefits of the future but also values immediate gratification when it comes to the present.

We must learn to bring the future consequences and rewards into the present. Do that which will bring you reward tomorrow today. For instance you have a report to write or a project to embark on with a given deadline but you keep delaying to carry out that task with the mindset that you still have lots of time before the deadline even when you know the benefits of doing it once and for all and the dangers of delaying it. One benefit of doing it on time is having ample time to do a better and improved job while the dangers of delaying the work is not having enough time for a better input into the report or project but rather a rushed work which might lead to missing valid inputs. The pain of procrastination becomes more than the pain of doing the task at the time it was suppose to be done. At the time when the job is done earlier, it is been done with ease, comfort,peace of mind and presented with lots of smiles and confidence.

One way to stop procrastinating is to start and before you know it the inspiration sets in. We get to find this scenario when it comes to house chores. You come into the kitchen and find so many dishes or plates to wash. Looking at the volume of work to be done we get discouraged and would want to postpone to a later time but if we try to start we get motivated to finish. So the key here is taking action immediately.

Another way to stop procrastination is bringing the pain of the future to the present like the above example given on writing a report. Rather take the pain now to carry out a scheduled task than postponing the pain and task for the future.  This way you get a better reward of a relaxed mind in the future.

Thirdly have your scheduled tasks in order of priority then stick and follow each task accordingly with discipline and dedication. This way you don't skip a task and you don't procrastinate.

Quote for the day-" Never do tomorrow what you can do today.Procrastination is the thief of time.                                       Collar him!"-Charles Dickens,David Copperfield

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