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Hello dear, Procrastination is the shifting of a scheduled task that is suppose to be done immediately or at a particular time. Procrastination is a challenge that everyone has faced in life at one point or another. You fix a schedule for yourself yet can't stick to it then it means you have other things if not useless things taking and occupying your time. Most times we postpone things that we feel we do not derive joy from but suffering yet the carrying out of that task is inevitable. For instance most ladies want to lose weight knowing the benefits attached to losing weight by eating certain foods and resisting foods that tend to make one fat but would rather procrastinate for immediate gratification. Everyone knows the benefits of saving for the future but we most time procrastinate saving for the future for immediate gratification even when we know that immediate gratification is not so important. This brings us to our two existing selves-the present and the future sel


Hello dear, Happy women's day to all the beautiful hard working ladies who are not just beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. I dedicate this post to all the strong independent women out there. An Independent woman is one who is self reliant, has healthy relationship with people, one who is able to find happiness on her own and not looking for happiness from other people, she might be alone but not lonely, she is emotionally independent and self confident. Though  this woman might have all the qualities stated above doesn't mean she does not have weaknesses. She does have weaknesses but masters her weaknesses and uses them to her own advantage. Lots of people think independent women are mystical but no they aren't, they have emotions just like every other person in the world. They are real, successful and fun to be with. They are an inspiration when you get close to them. An Independent woman wears her smiles no matter the circumstance surrounding her.