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Emotional blacmail is seen as the"involvement of two or more people in a close relationship". This may be between a mother and a daughter,father and son,close friends, lovers and so on. An emotional blackmailer uses fear or guilt on the other person for a selfish reason possibly knowing the weak point of the other person. The controlling person usually does this out of inferiority complex, the need for acceptance,love and appreciation. Wanting such emotions aren't wrong but how the person goes about achieving them is what matters. The controller and the controlled will suffer the consequences of such behavior. The controlled if not being careful usually gives in under pressure or out of fear which then results into a wrong decision. It is so wrong giving in to emotional black mail. It doesn't help the blackmailer neither would it helped the blackmailed. The blackmailer will never believe in him/her self and would always think that's the only way to get thing