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Hi dear, Accepting responsibility for your actions can some times be challenging and difficult but in the long run we see the benefits of taking responsibility for our selves and our actions. Fear or failure to accept responsibility for our actions is actually as a result of a sense of feeling overwhelmed by the scale of a problem or a solution. some times the solution seem so far or never in sight and this results to fear and at the end we tend to shy away from our responsibilities. Failure to take responsibility for our actions leads to failure in everything that concerns us,which includes failure in job, relationships and eventually failure to grow in life. Failure in accepting responsibilities displays our weaknesses and shows the kind person we are or will become in future. Until you take responsibility for your actions you will lack self-respect how much more being respected by others. Taking responsibility for your actions leads you to a solution to that problem,helps


Hello dear, I believe life is treating you fine. Life is so much beautiful than we can we think or imagine despite the challenges we go through every day. We all face one challenge/difficulties in life but its that enough reason to give up on life?nah...I don't think so. There is so much to live for even when it doesn't seem so. You may have lost a dear one, you may not be getting all that you hoped and wished for in life, you might have people looking down on you due to one reason or the other, you might feel like a failure because you haven't achieved that one thing you have so much craved for. We all know the saying "As long as there is life,there is hope". This is so true. For the fact that you are alive to see a brand new day you have a chance to make a difference,you have a chance to correct a mistake,you av a chance to live a better life. Are you giving up on life because of the loss of a dear one?just pause for a moment and think what that person w


Hey dear, Yesterday got a bad news with an sms saying my cousin had passed on. on receiving that sms i remembered my mum, who passed on in 2015. I remembered things i would have or should have done but couldn't or didn't do, i remembered the times i disobeyed her and the consequences i got for disobeying. Why am i saying this? live life to the fullest with your loved ones. Value every one deeply and cherish every moment spent with loved ones. live every day like its the last putting your best to it. I love you all Your Life Coach Rhoda Amapakabo


Life is a process and not an event. for instance, marriage is a process while the wedding is an event. you dont treat life like an event expecting things to just happen in your life like that. life takes you through a process. If only we can be patient as well as hopeful life will treat us good. Your Life Coach Rhoda