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The year 2024 is still fresh with a lot happening already affecting our focus on things that truly matter or the goals we have set to achieve for the year. 

The internet is buzzing with lots of celebrity gossips and there is an overload of information in there. The economy is biting so hard that people are struggling to barely make ends meet to survive relegating other vital and beautiful areas of their life - dreams, family, relationships, health, purpose, values - to the background.

At the start of each year people become optimistic setting goals, aspirations, dreams and purposes they tend to achieve but looking at how fast the year is already running and the crazy things happening, it seems like it's becoming increasingly difficult to achieve these set goals, dreams and purposes. The mere thought of how the economy is biting so hard can easily shift our gaze from what is important - our dreams and goals - making it look impossible to achieve.

In the midst of all these, what is your focus? Is your focus still gazed on your dreams and set goals or on the prevailing circumstance you find yourself in? Are you focused on pursuing your goals and dreams for the year or you being distracted by what is happening before and around you that you have lost sight of what is of utmost importance to you? 

When attention is divided or focus derailed, it becomes difficult to achieve anything useful in life by the end of the year and before you know it, the year is gone already because it is already running fast.

There are so many things just by the corner to easily distract us from our goals. Other times, it is the temptation to want to do something else or follow another path than was originally planned or the temptation to want to do so many thing at a time. It is commonly said that "he who is everywhere is really nowhere."

It may seem difficult to stay focused but not impossible to do so. Focus is self-denial until the job is done and result is attained. This entails making certain sacrifices to attain a desired end in any area of life. I also read somewhere (can't remember now) where the author said "A man with focus constitutes majority."

We all have dreams, goals, purposes and aspirations we want to achieve by the end of the year 2024. To make this possible, below are few tips to help you stay focused in the pursuit of your dreams.


1. INTENTIONALITY : To achieve what you desire end in 2024. you have to be intentional in everything you do and desire to achieve - your words and your actions. Being intentional in your day to day activities can not be overstated and I can testify of its usefulness. The few days past in January have been greatly intentional for me and I achieved little things towards the realization of my goal for the year.

What goals have you set for the year? 

If it's having an improved relationship this year in any form, then you have to be intentional about making that relationship work with ingredients such as mutual respect, trust, sincere and clear communication, owning up to mistakes, settled disagreements, love and affection, unselfishness empathy, understanding, quality time together, romance, humour and conscious commitment to making it work. 

If your goal is on self development mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and otherwise, then you have to be intentional on your journey of self development.

  • Mentally, your brain needs constant development through learning news things everyday to improve your thinking approach and problem solving skills.
  • Emotionally, is the intentional management and development of your feelings and how you react to unfavourable situations. This in turn helps you to process and evaluate your feelings thereby enabling you to take the right course of action.
  • Spiritual growth entails intentional and improved  relationship with your creator through mediations, prayers or constant communication with God.

  • Socially is improving your communication skills which entails active listening to understand and not to reply as well as speaking clearly.
  • Physical growth it's ensuring in all the hustle and bustle, the body is not neglected but intentionally taken care of - keeping fit through exercises, eating right and having enough rest or sleep - so it used in productive ways. When the body is not healthy, it affects the development of the brain and other areas of life. 

2. FOCUS ON WHAT IS WITHIN YOUR INFLUENCE/CONTROL : We live in an ever changing world filled so many uncertainties. In order not shift gaze from our goals or get stressed about what is not working for us we should rather focus on those things within our reach, influence or control.

Focusing on things you can't control saps our energy and time. What is happening in the economy is beyond your control but how you react and fathom ways to scale through the harsh economy such as spending less and saving more, living within your means and ensuring you do not take for granted the works of your hands are within your control.

Instead of focusing how dreadful it looks achieving your set goals, focus on steps you can take daily to realize your dreams such as reading, completing small tasks daily, adjusting your attitude, spending less time on social media platforms or your phone.

Stay focused on the present and the things you can do now and not on the past or future outcomes of your plans or set goals.

When you are focused on the things you can control daily, your confidence is boosted while your time and anergy is well utilized.

3. FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS : The start of a new year is always a time for self-reflection and goal setting. Focusing on your strengths inspires and motivates you to achieve your set goals with confidence.

Psychologists in their research found out that those who focus on their strengths experience faster growth and development, feel much happier, are less stressed, are more confident, healthier and more energised.

Focusing on the challenges, distractions and on our weaknesses can impair us from achieving our goals for the year. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them but improve on your strengths to get you going. Studies show that when we focus on developing our strengths, we grow faster. 

We all have uniques strengths and abilities to express our God-given potentials. Look back and see how far you have come and the things you have achieved last year, you would realize that despite the fears and difficulties, you were able to scale through and you can still do same this year building on your strengths.

Focusing on your strength does not mean ignoring the weaknesses. Acknowledge your weakness and use it to build on your strength.

BE POSITIVE : Irrespective of what may be happening around you, be positive that you can always achieve whatever you set your heart to achieve and this is where mental development comes in. fill your mind with positive words and images as well as surrounding yourself with positive minded people who can inspire and motivate you to pursue and realize your set goals for the year and not people who constantly bring you down making you feel inferior or having self-doubt on your abilities.

If you want to get something done, focus on the steps to get it done and not on the distractions by the way. If you stay focused on the storm and not the destination, you will never get to row your boat. Your strength lies in staying focused.

Keep envisioning, visualizing and speaking success as you work towards the realization of your dreams for the year. Doing this will keep you hopeful and optimistic irrespective of the prevailing circumstance.

Quote for the day - "Every Human mind is a great slumbering power until awakened by a keen specific desire and definite resolution to do." - Edgar Roberts

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